Drive 3 Wheel Rollator Walker with Basket Tray and Pouch

The 3 Wheel Rollator Walker with Basket Tray and Pouch is the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx; what walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three wheels in the evening?


·         Adjustable handle height.

·         Comes with basket, tray and pouch.

·         Frame folded and compact.

·         Easy one-hand folding.

·         Lightweight aluminum frame.

·         Lightweight, solid wheels for indoor or outdoor use.

·         Simply loosen lock knob and pull trombone style frame to lock in place.

·         Special internal aluminum casting loop lock operates easily and provides safety.

·         Weight capacity: 300 lbs.


Three wheels as opposed to four is a benefit for handicapped people to enable them to get into most places more easily, though without the bonus seat that most four-wheelers include.  A 3-wheeler at home helps users get around more comfortably than with a cane. A cane can be really, really annoying to deal with. There is no comparison from using a cane at home to using this compact little 3-wheeler. It's convenient, compact, stable, increases independence and there's far less stress and annoyance than using cane. Additionally, the tray is wonderfully helpful for rolling a meal into the TV room.


 A 3-wheeler isn't as totally stable as a 4-wheeler. The only downside, to this one at least, is a lack of a seat.



·         Read the instruction manual before assembly or use.

·         Pull both side frames outward to open the rollator.

·         Push folding hinge with black handle until straight to secure the unit in proper position.

·         Place a handle bar in each handle bar receptacle and adjust to desired height.

·         The brake cable should remain on the same side as the corresponding wheel.

·         Do not cross the cables.

·         Insert the locking knobs into the adjustment holes and tighten to secure handle in place, making sure both handles are at equal height.

·         Slide the wheels back until the push pins pop through adjustment hole on the bottom section of the wheel frame.

·         Lock the wheels in place by inserting the locking knobs into the top section of the wheel frame and tightening until secure.

·         Test and adjust loop lock mechanism tension to ensure proper and secure locking before use.

·         Mount basket in the proper location above the rollator pouch, between the handle bars.


·         Remove the basket.

·         Stand behind the rollator and pull back on the black locking handle until the folding hinge is disengaged.

·         Push the sides of the frame together until the rollator is flat.

·         It is not recommended to adjust the wheel length when folding.


·         Keep the loop lock handle free from dirt.

·         In case the loop locks are locking too little, the cable might be too loose.

·         The cable can be adjusted using the adjuster screw, located where the cable is connected to the loop lock handle.

·         If the loop lock cable wire is broken, it has to be replaced.


·         Don’t use the loop lock handle for other functions than locking the rollator.

·         Take care that the loop lock handle is in good condition, fully assembled, and fixed.

·         Read all cautions and warning labels before using.

·         This unit is intended to be used as a mobility aid, creating a natural gate as the user walks securely with their primary weight distribution between the handlebars with the unit in front of the user


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