Drive 4-Wheel Rollator Walker w/Fold-Up Removable Back Support

The Drive Four-Wheel Rollator Walker with Fold-Up Removable Back Support is the type of elderly medical supplies that anyone with limited mobility can use, regardless of actual age.


·         Non-marring casters.

·         Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

·         Includes basket to store personal items

·         Durable, plastic seat.

·         Durable steel frame.

·         Easy to use deluxe loop locks. 

·         Lever allows to independently adjust handle height and angle adjustment.

·         Removable, hinged padded backrest can be folded up and down.


This product is easy to use, has a hinged, padded backrest that can be removed and folded up and down, includes a basket in which the user can store personal items. The durable steel frame and non-marring casters make this piece of elderly medical supplies perfect for use both in and outdoors. The ergonomic handles are easy to grip and height-adjustable, and come with easy to use loop locks.


This four-wheel rollator is a walking aid, not a transportation device. Therefore, and for the user’s safety, no one should push it from behind while in use. Then again, that is only a drawback if you’re looking for a transportation device and not a walking aid.



·         Remove all contents from the carton.

·         Open the frame and slide the padded backrest into the frame brackets ensuring that the snap bottoms protrude through the holes.

·         Loosen the tightening knob on the handle receptacle and insert the handle tube into the frame.

·         Brake cable should be positioned on the outside of the frame.

·         Set the handle to the desired height.

·         Turn the knob clockwise until the handle is securely in place.

·         Make sure that both handles are set to the same height before using.





Loop lock

Slow down or come to a temporary stop

·         Pull up slowly on loop locks with four fingers until the unit slows down or comes to a temporary halt.

Temporarily lock wheels in position

·         Press down on both loop locks with palms until an audible “click” tells you wheels are locked.

Release wheel locks

·         Push up on both loop locks with the palms of the hand to the original position.


·         Make sure that the rollator is fully opened, the seat is down and the folding bar under the seat is locked in the down position.

·         Ensure both knobs are fully tightened and at equal heights.

·         Test the rollator for stability before applying full weight to hand grips.

·         Test loop locks before use.

·         When the wheels are locked, the lock bar on the rear wheels should prevent the wheels from turning.

·         When the locks are released, wheels should turn freely.

·         Always lock loop locks before sitting.

·         Do not use the seat when the unit is on an incline or uneven ground.

·         Replace the tires when worn or damaged.


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