The Bob Dylan of stethoscopes: Electronic Stethoscope 3200

The 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 is the stethoscope for doctors who want to go electric like Bob Dylan in 1965.


·         Applications‎: Cardiology/High Performance.

·         Not made with natural rubber latex.‎ 

·         Binaural Construction‎: Single lumen‎.

·         Chrome chestpiece.  

·         Single-sided chestpiece technology‎.

·         Diaphragm Material‎: Polyurethane-Coated Silicone‎.

·         Diaphragm Type‎: Digital Electronic Filtering - Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR)‎.

·         Ear tip Type‎: Soft Sealing‎.

·         Headset Material‎: Wide diameter aerospace alloy/anodized aluminum‎.

·         Frictional noise dampening features.


You can record and save up to 12 thirty-second soundtracks with this electronic stethoscope, as well as transmit sounds via Bluetooth (Bluetooth® adaptor included not compatible with Apple devices), listen remotely with the 3M™ Littmann® TeleSteth™ System – which is sold separately –, eliminate up to 85% of ambient noise, and amplify sounds up to 24 times. But the most significant benefit of this product is its environmental-friendliness; the tubing does not  phthalate plasticizers. Additionally, it provides longer stethoscope life due to improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol, and is less likely to pick up stains.‎

People who have used this stethoscope and left comments on Amazon heap praise on it; for instance “I like this stethoscope and it’s really good and it’s not just for those like me with higher frequency hearing loss. I have one but there are now more sophisticated versions like the 3200 also if you want more tech-like being able to record and blue-tooth. Over all this is an excellent stethoscope;” “I've had mine for over 3 years now. Love it. I would never consider going back to a non digital stethoscope again;” or “Lightweight and performs excellently especially if you have partial hearing loss I hear sounds I haven't heard in years.”


The main setback that most people seem to point out about the Littmann Electronic Stethoscope is the price; e.g.: “Used mine for over three years. Go through one double AA battery month on average. Other than that, no problems. Recommend for someone for a few extra dollars to spend on a stethoscope upgrade”. Suffice it to say that this is a professional item intended for professional healthcare providers. Depending on the how, where, and for whom you ply your trade, you either can afford it or cannot afford not to have it. Plus, at Discount Medical Supplies you can save up to 30% on it.


This product is recommended for anesthesiologists‎, cardiologists, emergency physicians‎, EMTs/EMSs‎, family practitioners, internists, medical students‎, nurses‎, pediatricians‎, physicians, and respiratory specialists‎.

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