Elderly medical supplies: Dri-Sorb Disposable Underpads

The Attends Dri-sorb Disposable Underpads are a type of elderly medical supplies that serve as mattress protectors, but they can be used to cover chairs as well. They can be utilized at home, in hospital settings, and in nursing homes. Several different sizes are available to meet differing needs. For example, you can cover an entire surface, or employ smaller sizes for IV starts and minor surgical procedures too. Size matters aside, they all come with a lightly absorbent soft, cloth-like topsheet, and a leak-resistant backsheet to keep fluids from coming into contact with surfaces. Furthermore, these underpads provide constant protection for the skin.


·         Protect standard mattresses from all sorts of contaminants, such a sweat stains.

·         Protect the health of the user.

·         Protect against dust mites, bed bugs, mold, dead skin, dandruff, and other irritants and allergens that a vacuum cleaner does not completely eliminate.

·         The cloth-like topsheet does not get too hot like plastic does, which can make the entire sleeping experience go awry.

·         17 inch x 24 inch.

·         23 inch x 24 inch.

·         23 inch x 36 inch.

·         30 inch x 30 inch.


These elderly medical supplies are most common in hospital settings. Therefore, you can be sure to receive hospital-grade quality even in a home care setting. . Using these underpads helps to establish an extra line of defense, and allows the user to enjoy a good night’s rest. Consider that the skin is at risk of irritation every time one goes to bed without any sort of protection.


Some people who have slept directly on a mattress might have trouble adjusting to sleeping on an underpad.


Disposable underpads are especially recommended for people who are allergic to dust mites. The waste of dust mites can cause airway and lung irritation in certain individuals, which may lead to allergic reactions, asthma and eczema.  Even though these are mostly elderly medical supplies, they can also be beneficial for children who are rather susceptible to irritants and allergens. Used in combination with a hospital gown, these underpads take care of absorbing blood as well as other fluids. In addition to that purpose, they are also great for standard, everyday use. People who travel frequently would do well to make these pads a part of their luggage to preemptively deal with bedbugs that are characteristic of hotel.