EMS/TENS Unit: Mini Wireless Power Muscle Stimulator Review

The Mini Wireless TENS/EMS Power Muscle Stimulator is a TENS unit as well as an EMS device. They say that the best things come in small packages, and this item proves it by providing pain relief and muscle relaxation wherever you may be.


·         16 intensity levels

·         LCD Display with Timer/Mode/Density

·         Timer: 30 minute countdown to turn off.

·         Waveform: Dual phase square wave.

·         Modes: Part A = 5 massage programs, Part B = 5 EMS fitness programs.

·         Output of 0~90mA peak to peak into 500 Ohm load.

·         Density-change of 15 steps pulse amplitude.

·         Programs 1 to 5 are TENS programs with 7 cycles – 30 seconds each cycle.

·         Programs 6 to 10 are EMS programs with 7 cycles. Cycle time is 1 minute with 2 or 4 seconds contraction time and 2 or 4 seconds relax time.

·         Auto timer preset for 30 minutes counts down for billable cycle times.

·         3V Battery included.


As a TENS unit, this portable and inconspicuous device, and immediately relieves acute or chronic pain in the back, leg, foot, shoulder, neck, wrist, and other parts of the body. As an EMS device, it relaxes muscle spasms, promotes circulation, prevents or delays disuse atrophy, maintains or increases range-of-motion, and provides immediate post-operative stimulation of calf muscles to prevent deep vein thrombosis. It works with or without wires.


This product should not be used pregnant women or in the presence of a cardiac pacemaker.


·         Keep out of the reach of children.

·         The contact period is within 30 minutes on the same part of the user’s body for each usage, though the contact period may be adjusted by a healthcare provider.

·         Don't apply stimulation over the carotid sinus nerves or around the mouth.

·         Always use the specified accessories in the manual (and while you’re at it, read the entire manual before using this EMS/TENS unit).

·         The use of parts not approved by the manufacturer may cause harm.

·         Clean and dry the site to which the electrodes will be applied with water or alcohol before application of the electrode.



Possible cause

Possible solution

No stimulation

Dead battery

·         Replace battery.

Battery in backwards

·         Remove battery and insert it correctly.


·         Pull out unused lead plug from the unit.

Broken lead wire


·         Replace the cord set with another to check for broken wire.

Very dry electrode

·         Reapply electrodes.

Intermittent stimulation

Loose connection

·         Reconnect and make sure the contact is secure.

Broken lead wire

·         Replace the cord set with another to check for broken wire.

Not enough power

Electrode is too dry or worn out

·         Reapply the electrodes.

Battery is running low

·         Replace the battery.

Electrode resistance is too high.

·         Use low impedance electrodes.

Power surges

Improper choice of mode

·         Push function button for another mode.

Electrode is peeling off from the skin

·         If necessary, replace the electrode.

Weak stimulation minutes after the start

Normal adaptation process

·         Increase the amplitude.

·         Push the function button for a different mode.

Unwanted muscle twitches

Amplitude is too high

·         Decrease the amplitude.

·         Push the function mode for another mode.

Strong but ineffective stimulation

Improper electrode placement

·         Reposition the electrodes (consult your doctor to determine better positioning).

·         Push the function button for a different mode.


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