Enemeez Mini Enema home medical supplies

The advent of home medical supplies such as the Enemeez Mini Enema at Discount Medical Supplies means you don’t have to go to a hospital anymore in order to get a good enema.  In this day and age you can give yourself the enema you’ve sorely needed in the privacy of your own home.


·         Results in 2-15 minutes.

·         Non-irritating formula.

·         No afterburn.

·         Can decrease nursing intervention required for in-patient bowel care.

·         Can assist in the improvement of patient care and FIM scores associated with bowel care.

·         Can reduce time spent with patient for dressing/redressing due to episodes of incontinence or fecal discharge.

·         Can virtually eliminate episodes of incontinence.

·         Can assist in reducing complications of wound contamination related to perianal pressure ulcers.

·         No mucosal discharge.

·         Helps maintain healthy skin integrity.

·         Easy rectal usage for patients with reflex issues or nausea.

·         Can assist in reducing time missed in therapy/rehabilitation due to episodes of incontinence, prolonged bowel care, or fatigue.

·         Can assist with savings on pads, laundry, gowns, sheets, etc. due to incontinence or fecal discharge.


Enemeez Mini Enema home medical supplies are dispensed with a soft latex-free tube with a twist-off tip that provides a smooth surface at the insertion point. This product is effective for general constipation and constipation related to stroke, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, and spinal cord injury and disease. For example, a reviewer in Amazon says that “I am a paraplegic due to a neurological disease so I use a wheelchair and have bowel issues mainly I don't go without these mini enemas. They work for me within minutes. I use one very other day in the morning and I don't worry about accidents. I used to use suppositories but these work faster and without the discharge later that I sometimes had with suppositories. Only once in a great while will I not get good results with Enemeez.”


On the downside, another user noted that “in researching the product no adverse side effects seemed to be reported. In using the product my experience was that it is very effective BUT it created after effects for over 4 hours. This meant that a lot of time was lost as far as being able to do very much other than being ready to run to the toilet abruptly. There was one time without lingering residual moments but only one out of 4 uses. Every person is unique but do keep in mind this was my experience. I was unprepared for the after effects.”


Administration: adults and children aged 12 and older (with adult supervision), 1-3 units daily. Consult a physician before this type of home medical supplies in children younger than 12 years of age.

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