Enhancing your TENS therapy: TheraSonic Ultrasound Conductive Gel

therasonicHere at Discount Medical Supplies, the items that are constantly being purchased by our customers are pain management TENS units, and other electrotherapy devices. Now, for those who are more advanced users in the matter it is already known that in order for the therapy sessions to be properly maximized and thoroughly enhanced it is to get the proper accessories to make the experience even better. While we have already have covered the different types of electrodes and how they can provide an improvement, but we would like this time to shift the attention of the importance of getting a proper conductive gel to help the treatment be much better. That’s why we are reviewing the TheraSonic Ultrasound Conductive Gel.

Product Features

The TheraSonic Ultrasound Gel is compatible with any ultrasound device as well as a broad spectrum of ultrasound frequencies. It comes in a bottle with an easy to open flip-top cap.  This is acoustically correct, which means that it works perfectly with Ultrasound machines, as well as EMS and TENS therapy and other procedures that require a viscous gel. Also, it is completely safe to apply on the skin, as it is a hypoallergenic, non-irritating and bacteriostatic. It is water-soluble and does not stain, and it does not contain formaldehyde.

What we like about this Product

As listed among its features, the TheraSonic Ultrasound Gel is simple to use and does not leave a mess in the skin when applied. Ideally, conductive gels were designed to provide a better transmission of Ultrasound devices but with the growing popularity of other electrotherapy methods, such as TENS therapy, its application has expanded to other applications. We tried this gel on almost all of them, and we can say that in all cases it truly enhanced the therapy on all cases. The application of each and every one of the different electrotherapy methods was truly felt deeply and more direct. Plus after we were done, the gel was very easy to clean up, and it did not left any irritable sensation on the skin and we were able to clean it up with a damp cloth.

Is it worth a purchase?

Seasoned electrotherapy users should have no doubt and get this item right away, as it will truly provide the necessary assistance on bettering the TENS therapy, or Ultrasound therapy they are performing. If you are first starting with any of these methods of electrotherapy, we strongly recommend that after you purchase any unit of machine that you make the additional investment and plenty of the TheraSonic Ultrasound Gel.

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