Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton with Spinal Nerves Review

If you’re a doctor and are wondering what to get a colleague of your – or what to get yourself for that matter – for Christmas, why not consider the Flexible Mr. Thrifty Skeleton With Spinal Nerves? Think about it; patients never get to see skeletons in doctors’ offices anymore. It would be a nice old school touch; a throwback to the days when physicians took pride in displaying their knowledge of and interest in anatomy. You can decorate it with a nice Santa hat, and it is perfect decoration for Halloween as well. And if we learned anything from The Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s that Yuletide and All Hallow’s Eve are not incompatible. 


·         A flexible spine.

·         Spinal cord with nerve roots.

·         Vertebral artery.

·         Herniated disc.

·         Rib cage cartilage.

·         3-part skull: removable calvarium and spring mounted jaw.

·         Shoulder, wrist, hip, knee and ankle joints are moveable.

·         Hands and feet are not articulated. 

·         Arms and legs may be removed.

·         Includes hanging stand - may be removed from stand.


Mr. Thrifty is easy to set up and display and has a user-friendly personality that will encourage children to learn the names of the bones. As an Amazon user wrote, “Mr. Thrifty is a good and accurate skeleton. This is great for use with children learning about the human body. Overall a good purchase and I am happy with this model as it will fit our needs. The really big plus is that he comes with a stand!” Another user stated that “This was the perfect study tool for anyone taking anatomy, physiology and especially kinesiology. We used a large one in class and I loved it so got one for myself. The price range was very appropriate. I also loved that this one showed the vertebrae well and even had a bulging disc. This was a bonus for me since I had planned on going to Chiropractic School after my B.S.”


When people did complain it was not so much about Mr. Thrifty in particular. Case in point: “The skeleton worked out very well for my needs as a massage therapy student. However, I am less happy with this company's customer service.”  Such a situation can be easily prevented by buying medical supplies online right there at Discount Medical Supplies.


We recommend Mr. Thrifty for rehabilitation, physical therapy, and sports medicine professionals or anyone interested in the human skeleton. You can also view it an archetypal Memento Mori; a reminder to cherish these Xmas and New Year’s holidays with your loved ones while you still can.

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