Folding Bedside Commode with Bucket and Splash Guard Review

The Folding Bedside Commode with Bucket and Splash Guard is a versatile type of home care medical supplies. It can be used like a bedside commode, toilet safety frame, elevated toilet seat, or placed over an existing toilet.


·         Strong.

·         Durable.

·         Comfortable armrests.

·         Tool-free removable back.

·         Easy to sit on or stand up from.

·         Push button height-adjustable legs.

·         Can be folded flat without any tools.

·         Convenient storage and travel.

·         Steel welded construction.

·         Weight capacity: 350 lbs.

·         Snap-on seat and lid.

·         12-quart commode bucket.

·         Carry handle.

·         Legs fold up for smallest folded commode.

·         Plastic arms.


If we browse through Amazon reviews of this piece of home care medical supplies, we’ll learn that “this chair was a necessity post hip surgery. It went together easily and was super easy to clean. Having the additional option of placing just the supported chair portion over the regular, low toilet seat in the bathroom when the patient recovered enough to make this transition also was excellent. This commode was well-priced, convenient, light enough to move easily but sturdy enough to hold the weight of a grown man. We are glad not to have to use it at present, but really happy that we bought it for the time that it was needed.”


We would also learn that a reviewer’s mother “loves the powder blue color, it was easy to assemble. It's not super sturdy-seeming but in practice, it's fine---at least for my 125-pound mom. Alas, she is reluctant to use it, even though it would make her life easier. ” As we can see, this complaint hardly has anything to do with the Folding Bedside Commode at all.



·         Remove contents from the carton.

·         The legs will automatically slide into the side frame by way of the elastic cords.

·         Line up the side frame with the pail support frame. Slide the pail support frame into the side frame while depressing the push pins until the push pin ‘pops’ into the hole on the side frame. Once the one side of the pail support frame is secure in the side frame, turn the lock knob on the back of the side frame until hand tight. Repeat on the other side.

·         Attach the front of the pail support frame into the side frame. Make sure that the push pin appears through the side frame hole. Repeat on the other side.

·         Attach the back rest by depressing both push pins and sliding the back support into the frame receptacle.

·         Lower the commode bucket into the frame and attach the seat and lid onto the back of the frame.

Leg height adjustment

·         Adjust height of each leg to your specific needs, ensuring all legs are at the same height.

·         When desired height is reached, lock legs into place by aligning buttons into proper holes.  Make sure the legs are locked into place by pushing down on or by pulling legs.


·         The toilet seat must be in down position before use. Otherwise, there may be breakage of commode and potential injury.

·         Do not install the commode without first reading and understanding the instruction manual.

·         Check all parts for shipping damage before assembly.

·         Make sure the height adjusting snap buttons fully protrude through the same height hole in each leg extension. This will ensure that the leg extensions are securely locked in position and an even height is achieved.

·         Make sure all screws, nuts and/or bolts are tightened.

·         Examine the rubber tips on the leg extensions for rips, wear or if they are missing. Immediately replace any or all if any of these if necessary.

·         All four leg extensions with rubber tips must touch the floor at the same time, at all times.

·         Users with limited physical strength should be supervised or assisted while using this commode.


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