The Freedom Alert Elderly Medical Supply Product Review

You don’t have to wait for an aging parent to quote Patrick Henry on you to get this elderly medical supply. Verily, the cry of “give me liberty (freedom) or give me death” may very well be avoided with the Freedom Alert emergency system.


·         Program up to 4 personal contacts.

·         Slide switch on unit allows to select 3 modes   

-        Call up to 4 custom contacts.

-        Call up to 4 custom contacts and then emergency 911.

-        Call 911 directly.

·         Dial 5 feature

-        Call recipient is prompted to press ’5′ to continue emergency call. If the call hits voice mail and ’5′ is not pressed, the next programmed number will be dialed automatically.   

·         Dial 911 feature

-        A friend or family member can simply dial 911 from their phone while still on the line. The unit will automatically hang up and dial emergency services.    

·         System test and battery test functions.

·         Audible prompts and confirmations during set-up and testing.

·         Combination of up to 4 pendants or Emergency Wall Communicators programmed to one base station.

·         Auto power off of pendant after one minute of inactivity.

·         24 hour emergency battery back-up.

·         Extra telephone jack in base unit.

·         Waterproof pendant.

·         Compatible with any standard land-line and most VoIP.

·         DECT communication technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).

·         Operating Frequency: 1.9 GHz Spread Spectrum.

·         Coverage: 600ft (183m) line of sight.

·         Battery: lithium-ion rechargeable for pendant, AA NiMh rechargeable for base.

·         Factory is ISO-9001 approved.

·         Complies with UL 1637.


This two-channel elderly medical supply emergency alert system has many benefits, such as full coverage in and around the house including the yard. But let’s see what users on Amazon have to say, for instance: “My siblings and I bought this for our 86 yr old mother. We love the fact that she has no monthly payments to make and that we could program it to call up to 4 numbers before calling 911 (or you can program it to call 911 first or not at all). Even if it gets an answering machine it knows to call the next number (you have to dial 5 when you receive the call so if nobody dials 5 it goes on to the next number). She has pushed the button by mistake a couple of times but it's no big deal because it just calls me not 911.”


That same user noted that it may be “a little bit heavy to wear around the neck, but has a belt clip too, won’t work while they are online if your parent uses a dialup connection to the internet.”


If this elderly medical supply interferes with radio or television reception – which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on – you are recommended to try to try:

·         Reorienting or relocating the receiving antenna.

·         Increasing separation between equipment and receiver.

·         Connecting equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

·         Consult an experienced radio/TV technician.

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