Genuflection: Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker Review

The Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker is a painless substitute for more conventional mobility aids such as crutches. It has a brake that resembles that of a bicycle. Therefore, using this product is almost literally as easy as riding the proverbial bike.


·         Improved maneuverability.

·         Knee cushion with 'channel' for comfort.

·         Tool-free knee pad height adjustment to accommodate a wide variety of users.

·         Deluxe manually-operated brakes for immediate stopping.

·         Push button brake locks for parking.

·         Dual wheel brake mechanism with 8 inch wheels.

·         Perfect for indoor and outdoor terrain.

·         Folds for easy transport and storage.

·         Resistant dual frame.


Unlike knee walkers with only forward-facing front wheels, the Drive Medical Steerable Knee Walker includes a fully maneuverable pair of front wheels for enhanced ease of use. This product offers quicker mobility and enhanced safety and stability than crutches to allow the user better managing of daily activities. An Amazon user actually took the trouble of listing the pros and cons of this device so I didn’t have to. Here’s what she had to say as far as pros go: “folds up like other knee walkers, and it is lightweight, so you can fit it in your trunk, SUV or van for transport. And the seat height is adjustable, so you can raise or lower the seat height to match your kneeling height. The handlebar section of the steering column is also height adjustable. The frame arches back in double tubes together and is attractive. The seat is a single cushioned unit of firm foam, very durable and comfortable.
There are two hand brakes. The wheels have a clear rubber outer casing where you can see through some holes in the black inner wheel, so that looks cool. The rubber handlebar grips are soft and sticky, so are easy to grip and hang onto. I can scoot pretty darn fast down my hardwood hallways, (not so fast on the carpet) and even though I am now out of my two casts, I still use it to get around the house quicker than my limping in the surgical shoe or in my slippers. It is FAST! Watch out for the corners around the hall, though.”


“The biggest problem is the seat height adjustment lock screw. The seat, I notice, periodically becomes loose with use. I find that I now just tighten the large lock screw knob on the side every now and then to tighten it up. The handlebar grip rubber is so soft and sticky that it can ‘grab’ your shirt as you brush up along it. You have to be careful to move slowly after getting off so that your clothing doesn't stick to the grips as you brush past and hinder your movement to wherever it is you are going.”


The Steerable Knee Walker is recommended for anyone with an injury below the knee – including foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputations and ulcers of the foot.

Reducing the risk of accident

·         A healthcare professional should train you before using the Knee Walker.

·         Engage the lock and practice bending, reaching and transfers on and off the Knee Walker.

·         Do not use the Knee Walker by yourself until you have been properly trained, you have practiced with someone and you feel confident you can maneuver by yourself.

·         You should develop your own individual methods for use based on your personal level of function and ability.

·         Do not attempt a maneuver you have not practiced first.

·         Be aware of your surroundings when operating the Knee Walker.

·         Look for and avoid hazards.

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