Getting it shape with the Body-Solid Folding Multi-Bench

multi benchAmong our customers who do regular exercise, specially from home and are dedicated to getting in shape, they often find themselves looking for the proper equipment to get for using at the comfort of their own home. Perhaps the corner stone for any home gym, should be a proper bench that can provide the necessary support and multi functionality that will allow for the a good amount of exercise. In our catalog we have the Body-Solid Folding Multi-Bench, a multipurpose work out bench that is economically priced and is attractive to most users. We were able to get our hands on this particular machine and test it. Here is our full review.

Product Features

The Body Solid Multi-Bench has 7 different adjustment positions for flexibility and optimum comfort. This multi-purpose weight bench is perfect for strength gain in your pectorals, triceps and shoulders. The 2 x 3 oval tubing provides support for the heaviest of workouts and requires no assembly. Its built-in wheels make the Multi-Bench easy to transport and it folds flat for convenient storage possibilities. It also has built-in wheels that make transport quick and easy and it folds flat for storage under a bed or on end in a closet.

What we like about this product

Even though it is a very simple structure, the Body-Solid Folding Multi-Bench truly does make you feel that you are at the gym. Its multi-purpose functionality enables you to perform several different types of work out routines, so getting in shape will be easier and much more fun. It is very versatile, and that enough is a huge advantage if you are starting you very own home gym, especially if you consider the economic price this unit has. Operating this bench and adjusting it between its different 7 positions is very easy and simple. The way this bench is constructed ensures that it will be durable and dependable, allowing many, many years of constant use. Also, a plus is that the manufacturers offer an In-Home Lifetime Warranty. Finally, it should be pointed out that this device doesn’t require much storage space as it can be adjusted for easy storage in a closet of underneath the bed.

Our overall impressions

If you want a dependable, durable and stable workout bench, you will not be able to find a product of such great quality and at so low price. The many advantages of this bench make it a straightforward training partner that will maximize your work out and will help you in your quest of getting in shape. Definitely worth a purchase.

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