The Gift of Stress Relief: Massage Equipment for Xmas!

If you were to think about it, there is a big chance that someone close to you could really use some good massage equipment. This friend or loved one probably is under a lot of stress due to the many different situations surrounding their everyday life. What better gift idea that a good soothing massage? Better yet, a nice stress relieving massage that they can apply on themselves every day after a long hard days work. Discount Medical Supplies carries a variety of electric massagers to choose from for you to pamper that special person in your life. Here are some of the very best options available.

The Body Drummer Hot/Cold Vibrating Massager

This self-massaging device provides warm or cool treatment for relief of muscle pain, tired muscles, and overall relaxing. The vibration massage comes with two different speeds for selection and it helps improve circulation, promoting better oxygen flow to help relieve muscle pain and tension. Also this massager has the option of providing hot and cold therapy. Heat offers therapeutic relief from muscle aches and tension. Cold therapy soothes pain in joints and muscles while helping reduce swelling. Unlike other message equipment, the Body Drummer is cordless, featuring a rechargeable battery that holds charges for one hour to provide 45 minutes of massage. This design makes it ideal for travel. Also it has a low price of just $57.20 in our Electrical Massage Equipment category.

Zewa SpaBuddy Massage Belt

Another great gift idea is this massage belt that can relieve some stress and tension, literally almost anywhere. This belt can be used at home, while driving a car, or in the offices. It provides a great passage for lower back, shoulders, neck, legs and foot massage. It provides a soothing and relaxing effect that will help release a lot of tension and at the moment they need it the most! It features 7 different programs with 3 intensity levels, it includes an Auto and AC adaptor. This device is $51.79 in Discount Medical Supplies.

NuVita Handheld Face and Body Massager

For a ore simple and smaller type of massage equipment we carry the NuVita Handheld Face and Body Massager. This is a innovative and painless product that rejuvenates and tones the skin. The gentle body roller massages skin, increasing blood circulation to nourish and oxygenate tissue giving the skin a renewed youthful appearance. This massager features an ergonomic, anti-slip handheld design for safe, easy and comfortable use. It has a design ideal for travel and personal use. You can find it on our Electrical Massage Equipment category for the low price of $37.75.

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