Going places: The Z800 Rollator with Padded Seat Review!

RollatorSelecting the proper Walker is not easy; it might be a bit tricky even. There are so many types of walkers that is easy to be confused when browsing for them and not knowing which one is the correct one to select. However there is one walker that stands out from the rest, the Z800 Rollator with Padded Seat. We have taken it for the proverbial test drive and checked how it performs on real-life situations. We’ve also checked for customer feed back from owners of this item in particular as well.

Product Features

This great rollator boast of having a real durable steel frame, that upon touching you feel that is steady and blunt, it also features a secure and durable plastic seat. Its casters work great for both indoor and outdoor use. The handles are adjustable for both height and angle. It also includes a removable padded backrest that can be folded up and down. It also has great ergonomic handles that are very easy to grip. Also it has a basket that can be used to store personal items. Finally, for security, it comes with some simple to use deluxe loop locks.

What Customers like about this product

We have to agree with the customers who have purchased this item from our store, is that we all praise hoy the casters for this walker can manage to adapt to almost all surfaces. It rolls perfectly both indoors and outdoors. Also another point to highlight on this walker is the breaks at the handles that provide extra security to the walker at all times. It is solid and secure so when using it you will feel this item to be steady and secure. It is a high quality item and you can sense it just by gripping the handles and using it for a couple of feet.

What Customers don’t like about this product

It is hard to say exactly, because otherwise we only have gotten positive reviews about this item in particular, but it should be pointed out that this walking aid is designed for individual who are a bit more active than others. So, it should be taken into consideration before shopping this item. We suggest that you consult with your physician before buying this item.


The Z800 Rollator with Padded Seat is a great product of the highest quality. It should be on your top choices as it is one of the best walkers available on the market.

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