Guard Alert 911 is not a joke

Guard Alert 911 is not a jokeThe Guardian Alert 911 is like the Bat phone that Commissioner Gordon used to get in touch directly and immediately with the Caped Crusader. Only instead of an unsightly red telephone, this product is a cordless speaker phone that can be worn comfortably around the neck like a pendant, and which allows the user to dial 911 by simply pushing a single button from anywhere inside your home. Let’s say you’ve fallen and – wait for it – can’t get up. No problem; this device will help you to speak directly with a 911 operator.


·         Waterproof pendant.

·         System test and battery test functions.

·         Voice confirmations during dialing, shutdown, system test, and battery test.

·         Included duplex jack allows a second phone to be used on the same outlet.

·         Auto standby after 4-6 minutes of inactivity.

·         Includes pendant, base unit, belt clip, AC adapter, AAA alkaline battery, phone cord, lanyard.

·         Operating Frequency: 900 Mhz.

·         Range: Up to 600 feet (183 meters), line-of-sight.

·          Battery Life: Up to 1 year standby or 30 minutes talk.

·         Compatible with any standard land-line and most VoIP.

·         FCC and DOC approved.


This product provides full coverage in and around the house on a 25/7 basis without monitoring fees, service charges, or contracts. The Guardian Alert 911 is the only two-way emergency pendant communicator in the world through which, in case of an emergency, you will hear those six awesome words: “We're sending help immediately, Mrs. Fletcher.” Like Amazon reviewer Eric Simpson said, “I like this product, a lot. It is easy to use. It is reliable. I heartily recommend it for people that need some kind emergency notification system. One of the features I appreciate most is the fact that it is not a monitored system, that it directly dials 911.”


The Guardian Alert 911 has range of 600 feet which is enough to cover a typical house of less than 3,500 square feet and even a short distance into the front, side, and back yards. However, this product is not a cell phone and it is not designed to work far outside your home. It is intended for use inside a residency like a regular cordless phone that works with an existing touch-tone phone line and existing service.


Intervening walls, electrical interference or appliances like vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, mixers, coffee grinders, hair dryers and other sources of electrical noise can interfere with this product’s operating range. Therefore, we recommend that you place the base unit away from the aforementioned appliances as well as televisions, blenders, and other cordless phones. The pendant never needs charging, and the battery will last 6-12 months of normal use. It is recommendable to replace the battery every 6 months. Make sure to install the battery before starting to use the Guardian Alert 911. The battery should be tested twice a month along with the system check as outlined in the instruction manual. Read all of the instructions carefully before operating this product.

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