The Heat is On: Thera-Med Professional Dual Heating Pad

heating padThe Thera-Med Professional Dual Heating Pad is a product that is earning the attention of many of our customers due to its dual capabilities of providing both dry and moist heat options for therapy to the user. This particular feature does provide a definite appeal as it makes it a very versatile pad for different applications of heat therapy. Considering the recent interest by many of our customers we have taken this device and put it to the test. Here is our hands-on review.

Product Features

The Thera-Med Professional Dual Moist Dry Heating Pad offers dual mode (moist/dry) heat options for optimal therapy. Its four heat settings allow you to control your own therapy with a simple press of a button. The moist heat option provides deep penetrating relief from sore, stiff muscles, while the dry option provides a comforting warm treatment. The unique pad design delivers a consistent therapeutic heat in the recommended range and eliminates any spikes to maintain an even comfortable level at all times. For added safety, the auto shut-off feature turns the pad off after 40 minutes of use. The removable ultra-soft cover is machine washable.

What we liked about this product

The versatility this pad offers is truly a highlight, it does present the user with the required options for a more encompassing therapy session. While the dry heat provides a warm comforting treatment, the moist option can give a deep penetrating that is very effective on sore and stiff muscles, causing them to feel a soothing and relieving sensation. The effectiveness of both options is truly remarkable as the heat that this pad provides can be intense. Also, it should be pointed out that using this pad is very safe, not only because of the design that allows you to keep control of the heat it emanates, it also has an auto shut-off feature for after 40 minutes of use.

Further Comments

While the Thera-Med Professional Dual Moist Dry Heating Pad does in fact offer safe heat therapy, it is very important that you first read the instructions carefully before using this unit. Also, it is recommended that you speak to your therapist or physician before using it, so they might provide you with the necessary instructions of ho to use this device.

Is it worth a purchase?

It absolutely is. The Thera-Med Professional Dual Heating Pad does give what it promises. The duality of both moist and dry heat makes this pad a versatile unit that is enough to provide comfort and relief for sore muscles and discomfort. It definitely is a smart purchase.

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