Low Height Overbed Table at Discount Medical Supplies Online

The Low Height Overbed Table available at Discount Medical Supplies online has been especially designed to be used with low beds.


·         For use with low beds with a 3.25" frame to floor clearance.

·         Spring loaded lift mechanism.

·         Infinite adjustment from 19 inches to 28 inches.

·         Swivel casters allow for easy maneuverability.

·         The frame is constructed with tubular steel and durable attractive finish

·         Top can be raised with the slightest upward pressure.

·         Walnut wood grain melamine top.

·         Roomy 15-inch x 30-inch high pressure laminate top with T-molding.

·         Plenty of surface area.

·         Weight capacity of 50 pounds.

·         Twin 1.5" swivel casters for easy maneuverability.

·         Tools needed for assembly: Phillips Screwdriver, two 7/16” Wrenches, 9/16” Wrench.


Amazing price at Discount Medical Supplies online. It works perfectly and is very sturdy and does exactly what it needs it to do. Easy to assemble with no problems in 15 minutes. Highly recommended for anyone that needs a small table for their living room or for anywhere they need a table that is lower in height than the other traditional bed tables that are sold.


Some users seem to have had problems with the instruction manual.



1.       Stand the Column on end, ensure the Trip Rod is visible in the rectangular tube but not protruding out of the top.

2.       If necessary, shake the Column until the rod drops.

3.       Insert Trip Handle into the Column with the rounded side up. Be sure the Trip Handle rests on top of the rod inside the Column foot.

4.       Place the Top on a flat surface, with the Top Bracket facing up.

5.       While holding the Trip Handle in place, insert the Column into the Top Bracket.

6.       Align the holes in the Column foot, the Trip Handle and the Top Bracket.

7.       Install both bolts and both nuts through these aligned holes with the two 7/16” wrenches.

8.       Place the base on the floor and install the four casters.

9.       Place two bolts through the holes in the bolt plate.

10.   Place this assembly into the base.

11.   Tighten the bolts to the Column with a 9/16” wrench.

12.   Stand the table on its casters.

13.   Remove the black shipping screw in the column and replace it with the zinc plated screw, using the Phillips screwdriver.

Elevating table

·         Push upwards at any position on the underside of the top, until the top has reached desired height.

Lowering table

·         Squeeze trip handle upward and push top down to desired height.

·         The table will operate best if downward pressure is placed a column end of the top.


·         Do not remove the black shipping screw before completing assembly steps 1- 9 as this can result in personal injury and spring damage.

·         Occasional lubrication with a penetrating oil with rust inhibitors lubrication between the inner and outer columns will help keep the table operating smoothly.


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