Holly Go-Lite-Ly: Bariatric Rollator Walker with Padded Seat

The Go-Lite Heavy Duty Bariatric Rollator Walker with Large Padded Seat by Drive Medical is the Audrey Hepburn of mobility medical supplies online; sleek and graceful but strong enough to carry George Peppard around.


  • Large basket can be mounted under seat.
  • Height-adjustable handles.
  • Large casters ideal for use in and outdoors.
  • Soft padded large seat.
  • Special loop of internal aluminum casting easily operated to ensure safety.
  • Steel reinforced frame.
  • Padded backrest can be removed without tools.
  • Weight capacity: 500 pounds.


Users can’t say enough good about this walker. Literally. “I can't say enough good about this walker,” an Amazon reviewer writes. “It is such a huge improvement over walking with a cane. Great support for both legs and my back. Extremely sturdy and can bear my weight and the weight of all the many things I carry in it. The padded seat is more comfortable than many a chair and is right there with me when my legs can't go any further. I even use it around the house and am able to multi-task again. It is wider than some of the doors in my house, but not any commercial doors I have thus far encountered.”


On the other hand, that same user says that “the only negative is its weight. It can be a struggle to get it in the car by myself,” but quickly adds “that is a small thing compared to the sturdiness, reliability and extra mobility it gives me. I highly recommend this product. A terrific little machine for an amazing price.”



  • Remove all contents from carton.
  • Open the frame and slide the padded backrest into the frame brackets ensuring that the snap bottoms protrude through the holes.
  • Unscrew the tightening knob from the handle and insert the handle tube into the frame at the desired height lining up holes properly.
  • Slide the bolts through the holes from inside and screw on the tightening knob until it is secure.


  • Make sure the Rollator is fully opened, the seat is down and the folding bar under seat is locked in the down position.
  • Ensure that both knobs are fully tightened and at equal heights.
  • Test Rollator for stability before applying full weight to the hand grips.
  • Test the loop locks before operating the Rollator.
  • when the wheels are locked, the lock bar on rear wheels should prevent
  • The wheels from turning.
  • When the locks are released, the wheels should turn freely.
  • Always lock loop locks before sitting and do not use the seat when the unit is on an incline or uneven ground.
  • Replace the tires when they are significantly worn or damaged.
  • Do not have anyone push you while you are seated on the Rollator.
  • This is a walking aid only and not to be used as a means of transportation.

Loop lock

  • Pull up slowly on the loop locks with four fingers to slow down or come to a temporary stop.
  • Press down on both loop locks with palms until you hear a ‘click’ to temporarily lock wheels in position.
  • Push up on both loop locks with the palms of your hand to original position to release wheel locks.


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