Home care medical supplies: Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift

The Auto Bath Tub Chair Seat Lift is the lightest and lowest of this sort of home medical supplies – so much so that its theme song would be War’s Low Rider if not for licensing issues.


·         Seat height reaches an all-time low 2.3 inches.

·         4 quick release suction cups.

·         Anti-slip bath base

·         Built-in safety controls.

·         Tool free set up.

·         Easy to install and operate.

·         Ideal for deeper model tubs.

·         Hygienic cutaway and slim line profile.

·         Padded seat and backrest.

·         Backrest reclines to a record-breaking 50 degrees at its lowest position.

·         Water tight hand control floats.

·         Easy to access the control buttons while bathing.

·         Easy-to-use quick charge lithium-ion battery is accommodated in the Hand Control.

·         Easy to transport.

·         Back easily folds down for space-saving storage.


Among home medical supplies of its kind, this is one of the nicest quality bath lifts in this price range. This is a perfect product for those whose legs have become too weak to stand up after bathing is done. It works exactly as described and is easy to keep clean even when leaving in the tub between baths. The battery unit is easy to recharge and its enclosure is waterproof. All things considered, a perfect solution for those with old and/or weak legs, hips, or backs. The controls are easy to use, clearly indicate which to push and seem durable.  It can be raised to its highest position, a little over 18 inches, and it works well with a handheld shower.


Suction cups adhere to smooth surfaces only, but not to textured surfaces.  It isn't that hard to set up although like all instruction manuals it might not be as detailed as some users would like.


·         Never use the lift to climb in or out of the bath.

·         Never use it as a stand, lifting device, ladder, support, or for any similar purposes outside of the bath.

·          The lift is to be used only to take a bath.

·         Keep the lift away from animals and children.

·         Only raise or lower the lifting rod when the backrest is in an upright position and fully locked.

·         Do not use height adapters for this product.

·         Do not store the product near heat sources.

·         Make sure the hand control is disconnected before transporting.

·         If the lift has been exposed to low temperatures for a long period of time, allow it to warm up to room temperature before using it to avoid damage.

·         When using bath oils or salts, please observe the recommended dosage, as these additives may affect the gliding properties of the crossbar mechanism.

·         Do not clean with acetic acid cleaners or detergents.

·         Always sit down in the middle of the lift with your back against the backrest, legs stretched slightly forward, and placing your free hand on the edge of the bath or on your lap.

·         Use the other hand to operate the hand control to raise or lower the lift.

·         While raising or lowering the lift, do not place your hand between the bath edge and the lift or underneath the seat.

·         Severely or mentally disabled people must never be left unattended in the bath.

·         Only take a bath without any supervision if your ability allows you to do so; otherwise, a caregiver should assist you.

·         Perform a test run before using the lift.

·         Do not use any objects that could get stuck in the mechanism, such as brushes, while using the lift.

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