Home care medical supplies: Full Electric Bed w/ Half Rails

Home care medical supplies are not just for home-home; they can also be used at a nursing home. Thus, if you are a healthcare professional working in just such an establishment, you may want to lobby for the Drive Medical Full Electric Bed with Half Rails in order to make your patients feel at home away from home. And what better time to do so than during National Hospice and Palliative Care Month?


·         Back and foot adjustment for an anatomically correct sleep surface.

·         Channel frame construction for superior strength and reduced weight.    

·         Easy to set up.    

·         Head and foot ends interchangeable with Invacare and Sunrise.    

·         Heavy duty, bed ends are attractive in any décor and easy to maintain.    

·         Quiet, smooth operation.    

·         Reinforced frame resists twisting and bending.    

·         Side clips under angle iron store shaft when bed is unassembled.    

·         Easy-to-use hand pendant electrically controls the positioning of the upper body, knees, and overall height of the bed frame for comfort and versatility for the patient or caregiver.    

·         UL 73 and CSA-approved.    

·         Zinc-coated spring deck.


This type of home care medical supplies are perfect for nursing homes whose patients will settle for no less than hospital-style beds.


The only drawback imaginable about this product is that it comes with half rails as opposed to full rails. However, full is not necessarily better than half; it all depends on the needs of a given patient. In order to make sure that your facility has all possibilities covered, you should get both full and half rails beds.


Maintenance and safety


Check all controls to ensure all functions work properly:

·         Foot control.

·         Head control.

·         Hi/LO.

Check cables for damaged or frayed wires:

·         Power cord.

·         Pendant cord.

Check that all plugs are completely inserted or attached.

Bed frame and sleeping surface

Inspect all welds:

·         Head section.

·         Foot section.

·         Main frame.

Inspect joints between sleeping surface sections for loose fasteners.


·         The metal parts of the bed are powder-coated.

·         All coated parts should be cleaned with mild detergent and warm water.

·         Regularly raise the head and feet sections of the bed and remove dust from the frame.

·         Additionally, regularly remove mattress and clean mattress deck.

Lubrication and mechanical

·         Lightly grease actuator screw heads with lithium grease.

·         Lubricate caster roller and swivel bearings with light machine oil.

·         Check that all bolts and tighten if needed.


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