Home medical equipment: Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat

If you’re looking for home medical equipment to ensure safety and comfort by reducing twisting and reaching in the shower, the Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat is the product for you.


·         Padded rotating seat turns in unison with the body.

·         Removable tray for storing personal items.

·         Ideal for individuals with balance and mobility issues.

·         Seat height can be adjusted from 16.14 inches to 22.8 inches.

·         Seat can also be locked into place every 90 degrees.

·         The rotating top of the seat can be removed for easy cleaning.

·         Extra levels of safety, security, comfort and versatility.


This is one solid, well-built, piece of home medical equipment for people who cannot stand in a shower and for whom getting down into the tub is an impossibility. Construction is sturdy and assembly is quite simple. Recommended for any standup shower. The bath/shower seat is the right size for a smaller shower or for the tub. The swivel seat is a great help and the intermittent 'stops' keep position stable until he chooses to change the rotation. Great product that is well constructed, easy to assemble and easy to use. With a contrasting blue seat, it makes the stool convenient for the sight restricted person. This seat is great. It holds weight and is very stable.


The only minor negative is that a user needs to lean it against the side of the shower to get it to drain from under the seat when not in use.


Adjusting the leg height

·         Adjust the height of each leg to specific needs, ensuring all legs are at the same height.

·         When the desired height is reached, lock the legs into place by aligning buttons into proper holes.

·         To make sure the legs are locked into place, push down on or pull up on the legs.

Rotating the seat

·         Pull up on handle until the seat is free of one of the 4 locked positions and rotate to the desired position.

·         The seat can rotate in both directions.

Replacing the seat

·         The rotating seat and the two ball bearing rings that move the seat can be replaced if needed.

·         To remove the seat and ball bearing rings, turn the lock knob under the seat clockwise until removed.

·         Remove the seat and ball bearing rings.

·         Replace the seat, ball bearing rings and lock knob.

·         Tighten until secure.


·         Check all parts for shipping damage before assembly.

·         Make sure the height adjusting snap buttons fully protrude through the same respective hole of each leg extension.

·         This will ensure that leg extensions are securely locked in position and an even height is achieved.

·         Inspect rubber tips on leg extensions for rips, wear or if they are missing.

·         Immediately replace any or all if any of these imperfections exist.

·         All four leg extensions with rubber tips must touch the floor simultaneously at all times.

·         Do not stand on the chair.


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