Home medical equipment: Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker

Nitro RollatorThe Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is a comfortable and convenient mobility device that is easy to use whether in or outdoors. Not only is this product a great means of transportation for people with limited mobility but it is also very easy to transport itself, what with it being foldable and lightweight – which does not mean by any stretch of the imagination that it is fragile. On the contrary, its aluminum frame is sturdy and durable.


·         Large front wheels.

·         Front Caster Size: 10"

·         Handle Height: 33.5"-38.25"

·         Length: 27.75"

·         Rear Caster Size: 8"

·         Seat Depth: 8"

·         Seat Height: 20.5"

·         Seat Width: 18"

·         Width: 23"

·         Product Dimensions: 27.75"(L) x 23.00"(W) x 33.50"(H).

·         Product Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.


As its name implies, this Rollator Walker has an attractive euro-style design. Additionally, it features easily adjustable back support height without requiring any tools, provides extra safety with a brake cable within the frame, improves turning radius with its caster fork design, includes a removable carry pouch, allows for side to side folding and extra stability with a cross-brace design, can be easily and single-handedly folded for storage and portability, has a button that adjusts height with a single push, offers indoor and outdoor maneuverability with large 10-inch front  casters, is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame, the seat with fold-up handle is durable and comfortable, and the unique attachment is secure when the Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker is open or folded.

All of those reasons and more is what makes Amazon users say about this item that it “is much better than a traditional walker. So much lighter, and because it folds side to side my mother can put it behind the seat of her car. Much better than putting the old one in the trunk and steadying herself on the car as she makes her way to and from driver door.”


Some users – especially the more patriotic ones – may resent the ‘Euro’ style. They may fear they will look like a fancy boy prancing around with a European carryall. However, the ‘Nitro’ part of the name should assuage them. Simply put, this rollator is both practical and aesthetical.


We would recommend this rollator to anyone who needs help getting around and wants to do so in style – as long as they weigh 300 pounds or less, that is. Otherwise, they are recommended to look for a bariatric alternative.