Home medical equipment: Transport Wheelchair Chair in a Bag

The Travelite Transport Wheelchair Chair in a Bag is that type of home medical equipment that can be easily conveyed anywhere else. It comes with a compact carry bag that makes it ideal for stowing away in cars, buses, trains, and more.


·         18" square nylon seat canvas with lift up straps.

·         8" solid tires.

·         Padded, flip up desk arms.

·         Height-adjustable footrests.

·         Parking wheel locks.

·         Stepper tube.

·         Rear wheel.

·         Front castor.

·         Armrest Release Button.

·         Footplate.

·         Footplate receiver.

·         Half Fold Back Mech.

·         Push handle.

·         Folding backrest.

·         Ideal for use indoors and outdoors.

·         Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum.

·         Convenient step for the attendant to lift the chair over obstacles.

·         Weight capacity: 250 lbs.


This piece of home medical equipment is well built, solid for a fold-up, with all the quick connections in the right place. It rides smooth like butter and doesn't rattle at all. It takes about 5-minutes to setup and about 3 minutes to fold up. Plus, the carry bag makes it really convenient to transport or send through baggage claims. It stores well with a small footprint and would fit in even the smallest of car trunks. If you're looking for a great portable, traveling-type wheel chair, this may be the one for you.  Sturdy, compact, good value (especially at the Discount Medical Supplies price of $168 – save up to 27%).


 The design that makes the chair fold up so compactly means there is not a solid bar running front to back along each side as there would be in a folding wheel chair. Additionally, the design of the leg rests is different than a wheel chair with removable ones. Only the lower portion comes off, leaving about half the length attached to/protruding from the chair which would be a real impediment during a sliding transfer.


·         This transport chair is propelled by a caregiver pushing using the handgrips on the push handles.

·         The stepper tube can be used to lift the front castors to allow the chair to negotiate door thresholds, dropped curbs, and other obstacles.

·         Press down on the stepper tube with a foot to allow the front castors to lift.

·         Not suitable for climbing curbs and obstacles over 2 inches (5cm).

·         Never push down on the push handles to raise the front castors lest damage or injury occur.

·         Use slow speeds on gradients.

·         Do not use on gradients above 10º.

·         Do not use on escalators.

·         Maintain proper balance at all times.

·         The user should not move his or her center of gravity outside of the seat area.

·         Do not reach for items further than your arm will extend.

·         Be aware of environmental hazards such as rugs, steps, narrow doorways, household appliances, and children’s toys.

·         Not recommended for side transfers.

·         The brakes are only for use as parking brakes and not to slow down the chair during motion.

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