Home medical supplies: Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager

Home medical supplies like the Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager are so versatile because it can be used as a traditional shower head or hand held shower spray massager. This is a deluxe item not only because its quality – though its low price may have you believe otherwise – but also because it will provide you with an experience comparable to that of a spa when you are showering (or at least that is what the manufacturer promises).


·         Adjustable massaging head.

·         Can be anchored in the holder which is included.

·         Shower arm mount and extra-long 84".

·         Reinforced tangle free hose.

·         Three water flow options.

·         Spa-like experience.

·         Allows for maneuverability increasing control over your bathing experience.

·         Useful when shower, chair, bench, or stool is being used.


How can a Handheld Shower Head Spray Massager be described as “home medical supplies”? Simple; this very nice shower head is very easy to install and use even for a handicapped person. The pressure settings are easy to switch, it swivels all the way around and worked better than expected. Hose bends easily also and isn't super stiff. Traditional shower heads are far too short; this piece of home medical supplies has a very long hose. One of the best handheld shower hoses ever. The hose length is excellent. This product is recommended for everyone who wants a great shower. There are 3 water pulsation selections that are good. The switch provides a progressive change of spray from steady shower to a pulsating massage spray. It works great because the hose is long enough to assist someone with a shower, and also to let them assist in rinsing as well.


The installation of this piece of home medical supplies can be a bit challenging for some.


·         Remove the existing shower head leaving the shower arm.

·         Screw the Anti-Siphon Device into the existing shower arm.

·         Place the rubber gasket into the Rotator Joint and screw the Rotator Joint into the other end of the Anti-Siphon Device.

·         Locate the end of the hose that has a bolt on the end and screw it onto the Rotator Joint.

·         Screw the other end of the hose into the new shower head.

·         Hang the shower head on bracket end of Anti-Siphon Device when not in use.

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