How to install and operate the Quattro 2.5 safely

quattroThe Quattro 2.5 is a very powerful electrotherapy pain management device. And as well all know, with power comes responsibility. In this case, the responsibility to safely use and provide the unit and its accessories with proper maintenance.


  • Read the entire instruction manual carefully.
  • Do not operate around other devices that radiate electromagnetic energy in an unshielded manner.
  • Do not use sharp objects to operate the buttons.
  • Check cables and connectors before use.
  • Do not use or stack adjacent to other equipment.
  • Do not use near a cell phone or electromagnetic field-radiating device.
  • Make sure the unit is electrically grounded.
  • Disconnect from power source before maintenance to prevent shock.
  • Not to be used in an MRI environment.
  • Do not apply stimulation over the neck; chest; eyes; head; inside body cavities; open wounds or rashes; swollen, red, infected, or inflamed areas; skin eruptions; or cancerous lesions.
  • Do not use in the presence of electric monitoring equipment.
  • Do not use in the bath or shower or while sleeping, driving, or operating machinery.
  • Do not use for undiagnosed pain.
  • Do not stimulate fresh fractures.
  • Do not use with high frequency surgical equipment or microwave or short wave therapy systems.
  • Do not use on patients with a history of deep vein thrombosis on or near areas to the vessels that contain the thrombus.
  • Do not apply immediately after trauma or to tissues susceptible to hemorrhage.
  • Use cautiously on desensitized areas on patients who may not be able to report discomfort or pain.
  • Keep unit away from children.


  • Remove equipment and accessories from shipping carton.
  • Check for damaged or missing parts.
  • Connect power adapter to device connector.
  • Connect power adaptor to wall socket.
  • Insert lead with red electrode connector into one adhesive electrode.
  • Insert lead with black electrode connector into the other electrode.
  • Ensure lead wires are fully seated into the electrodes, with no bare metal parts of the pins exposed.
  • Turn unit on or off using the On/Off switch.
  • The unit will perform a 6-8 second self-check when turned on.
  • Remove power adapter from wall socket.
  • Remove power adapter from device.


  • Make sure there are no contraindications.
  • Check skin area treatment for abrasions, inflammation, surface veins, etc.
  • Clean skin with soap or isopropyl.
  • Consider shaving or clipping excess hair from area for more optimal treatment.
  • Test heat sensitivity of treatment area.
  • Use electrodes that fit you’re the anatomy properly.
  • Remove plastic backing from self-adhesive electrodes.
  • Apply electrodes to treatment area.
  • Make sure electrodes are applied securely.
  • Make sure there is good contact between electrodes and skin.
  • Check electrode contact regularly during stimulation.
  • Recheck skin after treatment.
  • Keep electrodes separated during treatment; electrodes in contact with one another can lead to ineffectual stimulation or skin burns.
  • Wash, degrease, and dry skin before applying self-adhesive electrodes.
  • Do not switch on unit when electrodes are not positioned on the body.
  • Never remove self-adhesive electrodes from skin while the unit is turned on.
  • The unit includes eight pieces 2 x 2 inch and eight pieces 2 x 3.5 inch adhesive electrodes.
  • It is recommended that at minimum 2 x 2 inch self-adhesive, square electrodes are used.


  • Clean the device.
  • Clean the electrodes.
  • Clean the lead wires and cables.


  • Replace lead wires yearly.
  • Follow instructions on the electrode packaging.

Both the maintenance and troubleshooting aspects of the Quattro 2.5 deserve a separate section.


Cleaning the device

  • Turn the unit off and disconnect it from power supply.
  • Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Use lukewarm water and a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner.
  • If need be, use a antimicrobial cleaner-impregnated cloth.
  • Do not immerse the unit in any liquid.

Cleaning the electrodes

  • Apply protective backing to the tacky side of the electrode before storing.
  • Consider sprinkling a few drops of cold water on the adhesive of the electrode and air drying by turning the surface up to improve repeated application.
  • Clean with lukewarm water.
  • Disinfect or remove stains with isopropyl 70%.
  • Wash sponge pads in warm water with a household cleaner, and rinsed with clear water, drained, and dried.
  • Store electrodes in the reusable bag in a cool, dry place in between uses.
  • Self-adhesive electrodes are for single patient use.

Cleaning lead wires and cables

  • Wipe lead wires clean regularly with a cloth dampened in a mild soap solution, and then wipe them dry.
  • Rubbing alcohol will damage the insulation on the lead wires.


  • Store unit with adapter in a dry , cool, and well ventilated room, protected from heat, sunshine, and moisture, for prolonged pauses in treatment


Quattro 2.5 Troubleshooting


Potential causes

How to fix it

Displays do not light up

  • Adapter contact failure
  • Make sure adapter is connected.
  • Check that contacts are in place, that contacts are not broken.

Weak stimulation

  • Electrodes are dried out or contaminated, or not properly positioned.
  • Lead wires are old, worn, or damaged.
  • Replace electrodes and/or lead wires.
  • Electrodes must be at least 2’’ apart.

Stimulation stops

  • Poor electrode contact.
  • Damaged or worn electrodes or lead wires.
  • Reapply electrodes and secure them firmly.
  • Replace electrodes and/or lead wires.

Uncomfortable stimulation

  • Intensity too high.
  • Electrodes too close together.
  • Damaged or worn electrodes or lead wires.
  • Electrode active area too small.
  • Decrease intensity.
  • Reposition electrodes.
  • Electrodes must be at least 2’’ apart.
  • Replace lead wires.
  • Replace electrodes with ones with an active area no smaller than 25cm2.

Ineffective stimulation

  • Improper electrode.
  • Reposition electrode.

E 1 o r E2 displays on LCD

  • Hardware problem.
  • Restart unit.

E3 displays on LCD

  • Unit is over temperature limit.
  • Unit will automatically stop treatment.
  • Wait a few minutes before using again.

E4 displays on LCD

  • Working current is over the limit.

E5 displays on LCD

  • Memorizer failure.
  • Restart unit.


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