IF 4K Digital Interferential Unit: A Great Entry level Unit

Pain management TENS units are items that in constant high demand in Discount Medical Supplies, and the IF 4K Digital Interferential Unit is one that is among the popular ones and for good reason. It is a good reliable source of pain relief that is amazingly accessible and easy to use. Considering the growing amount of interest that this unit has been getting from our regular customers, we are going to take a closer look into this unit and check how it measures its electrotherapy counterparts.

Product Features

The IF 4k Digital Interferential Unit offers six treatment programs and cast last up to 120 minutes off its AC adapter, more than six times longer than other IF units. The interface of the IF 4k digital interferential unit is simple enough for anyone to use it. Designed with Sine Wave technology for deep, effective relief of pain. Indicated for 5post-surgical therapy and for chronic pain. It has 6 preset programs that you can choose from. It resembles a flip cellphone to provide the user some privacy and make transport easy. It also includes 4 electrodes, lead wires, AA batteries, a soft case and two AA batteries.

What we like about this product

The overall simplicity of the IF 4K Digital Interferential Unit is almost unmatched by other pain management TENS units. It is quite remarkable. The unit has few buttons and its design really does focus to make this unit accessible to even the most inexperienced TENS and Electrotherapy user. Also, since this a device that works on AA batteries it makes it easier and cheaper for the customer to get replacements for this unit whenever they are needed, but it should be pointed out that the battery life is truly maximized (even more so if you purchase high quality AA batteries). Overall the unit is a fantastic unit that is great for regular TENS users, but is also great for entry-level users.

Additional information

It is recommended that if you are going to buy any TENS unit for pain management (regardless of the model), that you make the investment and purchase some additional electrodes as spares. Ideally, the electrodes that you get, if they are of high quality electrodes, they could really enhance your experience during therapy.

Is it worth a purchase?

The IF 4K Digital Interferential Unit as we state on the tittle is great entry-level unit. It is simple, powerful and effective.

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