Immunization Awareness Month: BD Luer-Lok Tip Syringes

immunizationmonthIf you, as a doctor, have ever wondered why immunizations reach an all-year high during August, it is because of National Immunization Awareness Month. And if you want to keep up with the increased number of patients that will visit your practice to be inoculated, why not give BD Luer-Lok Tip Syringes an opportunity? BD is a top-quality brand used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.


·         Clear barrel.

·         Bold scale markings.

·         Graduated.

·         Luer-Lok™ thread for increased secure connection.

·         Latex-free.

·         Sterile.

·         Disposable.

·         Tapered plunger rod.

·         Positive plunger rod stop.


Healthcare workers are very pleased with the performance of BD Luer-Lok Tip Syringes. For examples, Victor Lavigne – presumably no relation to Avril – writes in Amazon that “These are great and the same model that I use in the surgical center where I work. It is more expensive than the slip-tip type of syringe. The advantage of the luer-lock tip is that the needle is screwed onto the syringe, vs the press-down fit you get with slip-tips. For low-viscosity solutions it is probably not a noticeable difference. But for myself, I was using the slip-tip version of the syringe to inject an oil-based solution and the pressure at one time caused the needle to separate from the syringe - wasting the entire dose of medicine. That hazard is eliminated by the luer-lock.” Chen Wu adds that “I order these for my biomedical laboratory, and they work very well. The "Luer Lok Tip" helps you attach any kind of needle head, etc you want, making it very versatile.” And L. Pakieser remarks that he “needed the 1mL barrel for injections of less than 1 mL. Graduations are easy to read and allow accurate doses such as .4 mL, etc. I used this to replace a 3 mL syringe. Need the luer lock feature and this endors with a 1 mL syringe with the luer-lock. Glad I bought these.”


On the other hand, a user complains that “that the description did not indicate that the syringes are not safe for oral use. I didn't realize until after I opened the shipping box and used two syringes.” Make sure to carefully read the descriptions to make sure what the characteristics and features of each syringe actually are.


In addition to using BD Luer-Lok Tip Syringes, we recommend you to use the CDC/NPHIC National Immunization Awareness Month Communication Toolkit to help raise awareness about immunization in your community. And remember that syringes can be cheap medical supplies for blood testing as well as immunization. 

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