Incontinence won’t rain down on my parade: The TENA MEN Underwear

Tena men It is estimated that 5 million men in the US alone suffer from incontinence and bladder problems. Most men are uninformed about this condition and many still regard this condition as female exclusive. For people who deal with Incontinence, and for men in particular, suffering from these sorts of bladder control problems can truly have a devastating impact on their self-esteem, and their way of life. Luckily, Incontinence doesn’t have to be a life-halting condition, and men who are living with it have found in the TENA Men Protective Underwear a perfect aid to let them carry on with their lives with dignity and confidence that they need.

Product Specifications

Upon a first gaze, and even after a first touch, these protective underwear briefs genuinely look like regular underwear. They have a good-looking design that really makes them give the impression of normal, regular underwear. However, the main feature is definitely it is the amount of shield that this undergarment can give. It is made with superabsorbent microbeads for advanced leakage protection and advanced odor protection. It features a great fit and core width between the legs allows liquids to move away from the body and across core-enhancing leakage protection.

What we thought about this product

We have to say that we do like the design the TENA MEN Underwear has. It really does look like normal everyday underwear, and it feels like it too. It is quite remarkable how a comfortable it is, and how discreet and subtle the underwear is while wearing it. But what is really amazing and commendable about them is that protection-wise these underwear briefs are top of the line. They can stand heavy incontinence and still provide the desired guard that you would need against incontinence. It really does provide that extra defense and assurance against leaks and odor. Wearing the TENA MEN Underwear also brings an important confidence to those men whose wear them as it allows for them to carry on with their lives and not let Incontinence bring them down.

Is it worth a purchase?

If you suffer from incontinence and this condition has altered your way of life, these Underwear briefs can help you go back to the life you new, without having to worry about your condition. They are made to stand heavy incontinence so you can be sure you will be protected. It must be said, however that if you have lighter incontinence, consult with your doctor, as you might be able to be just fine with some underwear pads and other types of products.  

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