InTENSity Select Combo 4 TENS Unit Supplies for Doctors

The InTENSity Select Combo 4 TENS/EMS/IF/Micro is, as can be surmised from its name, more than just a piece of TENS unit supplies. In addition to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, it also features electrical muscle stimulation, interferential, and Microcurrent. This versatility makes it ideal for doctors to provide either pain treatment or physical therapy, depending on what their patients need.


·         Easy to operate.

·         Portable.

·         Four waveforms, TENS, EMS, Interential and Microcurrent.

·         Includes carrying case, two sets of lead wires, 9-volt battery, AC adaptor, instructions and pack of electrodes.

·         Power Source: Standard 9-volt battery or AC adaptor.

·         Timer.


Your patients will love the InTENSity Select Combo TENS unit supplies because not only does it provide non-invasive, drug- and side effect-free therapy, but it also provides pain relief from head to toe. Additionally, it can be used for many purposes, including muscle-related injuries, muscle re-education, improving blood flow to the muscle groups, stimulate sensory, motor, and pain fibers, and treat diabetic neuropathy, age-related macular degeneration, wound healing, tendon repair, plantar fasciitis and ruptured ligament recovery, relaxing muscle spasms, preventing muscle retardation of disuse atrophy, post-surgical stimulation, and maintaining or increasing range of motion. It’s just like having four different devices in a single unit, each with its own set of uses and applications. You may even recommend this for your patients as a home unit, but make sure to keep at least one in your practice at all times too.


The electrode pads are a little hard to work with, and some users could do with the ability to silence the buttons when pressed, or more suggested settings for each selection. But this pretty much nitpicking; you will find that the practical benefits far outweigh any aesthetical issues.


We recommend the following just in case you are new to this technology.

·         Clean patient’s skin thoroughly.

·         Check the battery.

·         Make sure that you are using a fresh battery.

·         A/C hook-up is preferred; the battery is for short term emergency care only.

·         Prepare the electrodes.

·         Read and follow the instruction manual.

·         Connect electrodes to lead wires.

·         Place the electrodes on the patient’s skin.

·         Electrode placement can be a trial-and-error process in which you should work together with your patients to determine the pattern that provides best results.

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