The JTech Chiropractic Adjusting Tool with Rubber Tip Review

The JTech Chiropractic Adjusting Tool with Rubber Tip is an economical thrust adjustment device. This product is compatible with the established protocols that doctors of chiropractic currently use.


·         Reliable.

·         Durable.

·         Smooth, easy operation.

·         Can be adjusted from 20 to 45 AFR (Average Force Range in pounds-force).

·         Effective on segments of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas.

·         Finger and palm pads to reduce impact to the hand and arm when performing adjustments.

·         Soft tip can be easily replaced to keep instrument looking new for all patients.


Users of this product say that it is very sturdy and convenient for daily use. Others say on Amazon that the JTech Chiropractic Adjusting Tool “is just what I was looking for and at a reasonable price. I have several patients with arthritic joints and decreased disc spaces that make it impossible to get satisfying relief from diversified adjusting. Treatment with this tool along with deep tissue stretching and axial decompression increases mobility, decreases pain and discomfort as well as restores function. I would buy this product again in the future, if I needed to and from this seller, as service and shipping time was excellent and the price of the product is appropriate.”


Conversely, others say that “Intensity adjustment has limited range, & most of force goes into handle. I am a chiropractic student and opted for the cheaper non-activator instrument. It works, but I am disappointed with the devices adjustability;” or that it is “not as good compared with other brands and does not have enough power to deliver a good kick. You get what you pay for.” It may be worth noting that the JTech Chiropractic Adjusting Tool is meant for professional chiropractors who know how to make the most of it.


·         Do not use on or near the eyes.

·         Do not use on or near fractures.

·         Do not use on or near open wounds.

·         Do not use on or near burned tissue.

·         Do not use on patient suffering from severe osteoporosis.

·         Do not use for any purpose other than adjustment of skeletal joints or structures.

·         Do not use without soft tip.


1.       Place fingers on the underside of the lower handle with the top handle against the palm of hand ensuring a secure grip on the device.

2.       Turn adjusting sleeve counterclockwise to increase thrust and clockwise to decrease it.

3.       Test thrust against your hand and adjust to desired thrust.

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