The ABC of DMS: Learn the alphabet of a medical supply store

A medical supply store should have should have a little of everything; from vowels for your bowels to consonants for your comfort pants. At Discount Medical Supplies (DMS) we have the equivalent to the Oxford Dictionary in medical supplies.

The ABC of DMS


·         Acupuncture.


·         Bariatric.

·         Bath.


·         Catheter and urology.


·         Daily living aids.

·         Diagnostics.


·         Education.

·         Emergency protection gear.


·         Fitness.


·         Gloves.


·         Impotence.

·         Incontinence.


·         Kinesiology.


·         Massage.

·         Mastectomy.

·         Medicine and health.

·         Mobility aids.


·         Orthopedic.

·         Ostomy.


·         Paper products.

·         Pediatric.

·         Personal care.

·         Pillows and cushions.


·         Rehab and pain management.

·         Respiratory.


·         Sexual health.

·         Soaps and disinfectants.

·         Socks.

·         Supplements and nutrition.


·         Traction.

·         Travel.

·         Treatment furniture.


·         Women’s health.

·         Wound care.


·         X-Ray.


Missing letters

This is a medical supply store, so obviously Discount Medical Supplies is all about the H of health. The J is for join us by creating a business account or by becoming a part of our affiliate program. So Let’s Not waste any more time and contact our customer service department; if you’ve got Q’s, we have A’s. U don’t have to worry if you are a Vendor of medical supplies; we offer you the opportunity of buying wholesale and in bulk. And we also have bed accessories if you want to catch some Z’s.

It’s all Greek to me

In order to show how sophisticated a medical supply store is, we even have the Greek alphabet covered, for instance:

·         Alpha Splintstraps.

·         Betadine solution.

·         Sterile Saline and Water that goes through post-gamma radiation sterilization.

·         Delta-Net Orthopedic Synthetic Stockinette.

·         Kendall Excilon Washcloth (close enough to epsilon).

·         Zewa SpaBuddy Massage Belt (in lieu of Zeta).

·         Safety-Lok Syringe with Detachable Needle.

·         Nutren® Glytrol® Complete Nutrition Vanilla which includes Prebio1 to help support a healthy gut microbiota.

·         Curity Non-Adherent Oil Emulsion Wound Dressing Strips.

·         Softech Adult Cannula

·         Sterile Cotton-Tip Applicator with Semi-Flexible Polystyrene Handle.

·         Piston Irrigation Syringe.

·         Hemorrhoid Relief Pad.

·         Basic Administration Set for Sigma Spectrum.

·         Curity Suture Removal Kit with Littauer Scissors.

·         FloCath Hydrophilic Straight Intermittent Catheter.

·         Chiro-Ice & Hot / Cold packet sample.

·         Opsite IV3000 Catheter Dressing.

·         Super Omega 3 Fish Oil.

There you go; Discount Medical Supplies, the be-all end-all – the alpha and omega, if you will – of medical supply stores.

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