The Lord of the Ring cushions: The fellowship of comfort

Special needs require special aids, and in case of coccyx injuries and hemorrhoids, ring cushions are a necessity. Today we take a look at the three more sought after items on this category. We had a hands-on experience with all these items to further examine which is the ideal choice for our customers. Discount Medical Supplies kindly presents to you our bundled review of the Body Sport Ring Cushion, the Hermell Invalid Ring, and the Roscoe Medical Ring.

The Body Sport Ring Cushion

From Body Sport comes the Body Sport Ring Cushion. This cushion is made from molded foam that comfortably conforms to the body’s contour. It helps relieve pain associated with coccyx injuries and hemorrhoids, while preventing back and hip strain. It is designed for car seat or chair, so you can take it anywhere. This cushion also works great for women who have recently experienced childbirth. This cushion has a nice feel to touch, and while it provides comfort that can be soothing, it does provide some added support. It comes in 3 different sizes, ranging from 14”, 16” and 18” of diameter so you can choose what's best for you. A great, cost effective alternative.

The Hermell Invalid Ring Foam

Leaning towards a more durable type of product, you can sense just by holding it that the Hermell Ring Cushion was made with the intention of providing a great blend or support and comfort, as well as durability. It is made with specially molded, high-compression polyurethane foam that helps distribute weight evenly over the entire seating area to ease pressure on sensitive areas. Can be used on the car, chair office, couch, etc. Although a pricier option than the Body Sport, it is nonetheless very popular because it has a more durable feel. It only comes in a 16-1/4” x 13 size.

The Roscoe Medical Invalid Ring

The Roscoe Medical Invalid Ring can be used to provide support when sitting at home, in the office or in the car for prolonged periods. The Invalid Doughnut is made with high-density puncture-proof foam that conforms to body outlines and alleviates seating pressure related to surgery or general discomfort. The way this ring cushion is made is ideal to relieve pressure from sensible areas, such as the coccyx. It retains shape and provides firm support without taking away comfort. It is very easy to clean and it might edge over the rest of the options, but when it comes to making a decision, we advise you to consider how important comfort is to what you are looking form. This is a great purchase.

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