Mastectomy supplies: Breaststroking with Aqua Wave Swimform

Amoena Aqua Wave Swimform breast forms are mastectomy supplies that allow women swimmers who have undergone a mastectomy to do the breaststroke regardless – and any other swimming style for that matter.


·         Transparent silicone form for water activities.

·         Unique natural shape.

·         Improved design with raised waves on the back.

·         Allows air and water to flow through.

·         Reduces the amount of suction.

·         Improved performance in and out of the water.

·         Less concave than the previous Amoena 129 swim form.

·         Shallow to average fit.


This product is ideal for women with less breast tissue and less projection, and will hold its shape. Aqua Wave Swimform mastectomy supplies are designed to look and feel like natural breasts in terms of weight, shape, color, and texture (in other words, it does not feel like a bag of sand). Symmetrical for can be worn on the right or left side. People who have reviewed this product on Amazon say that it is “lightweight and comfortable. When I wear others it looks like my breast is high and low, however with this one you cannot see the difference;” “This fits wonderfully. I use it everyday, I find it is lighter than all the other prosthesis. It is clear so that I do not have to worry what type of bra I need to wear.”


Getting the correct size mastectomy supplies can be a bit tricky, though. Other users on Amazon say that “The product is a good one. I just should have gotten a little larger size but it will be fine;” or that buyers need to “Make sure to know what size you are. I ordered a 14 as someone said they are not big. Wrong. It is way too big. I have exchanged it for a smaller size. Otherwise great product.”


The Aqua Wave Swimform is recommended for mastectomy/breast cancer surgery patients who are involved in water activities. These women will benefit from mastectomy supplies that restore balance to the body – which has been upset by the loss of weight in the breast area that follows a mastectomy.


·         Gently handle the breast form while inserting it in the cover that comes with it.

·         Insert the covered breast form delicately inside the bra pocket.  

·         Repeated pulling or squeezing of the form may damage it over time.

·         When not wearing the breast form, store it in the box that it came in and keep it away from heat.

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