Medical supplies online: StrengthTape Precut Kinesiology Tape

The StrengthTape Precut Kinesiology Tape belongs to the type of medical supplies online that actually help you get up from on front of the computer and get back to training while recovering from minor and major injuries. It can also prevent injuries and enhance athletic performance the non-Lance Armstrong way.


·         5m roll.

·         Precut strips.

·         Waterproof.

·         Latex-free.

·         Breathable cotton.

·         10% more stretchable.

·         All Sport adhesive.

·         Includes instructions.


This kinesiology tape offers relief of pain and inflammation from overuse or injuries, delays fatigue and muscle soreness, and accelerates healing of tissue damage for ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, calf strain, back pain, shoulder pain, hamstring pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel, and jumper’s knee. Additionally, these medical supplies online provide support and stability for muscles, joints, and tendons without limiting the range of motion; maintain flexibility, and promote circulation for improved endurance, quicker recovery from intense exercise, and pain relief. StrengthTape Precut Kinesiology Tape is durable and can be used all day for 5 to 7 days regardless of weather. Finally, IonTech infuses 7 ion-emitting minerals into the tape to enhance the properties of StrengthTape.


An Amazon user of medical supplies online complained that “the tape does not last very long on skin. The tape would come off quite easily and this is really quite disappointing.” Once again, this tape can be used for 5 to 7 days – in other words, pretty the same length of time that it took the judeo-christian deity to create an entire universe.


Unlike other tapes that are wrapped around the entire injured area, Precut Kinesiology Tape is applied on targeted areas over and around the injury.

·         Apply 30 minutes before activity.    

·         Apply the right amount of stretch per application.    

·         Trim excess hair for increased adhesion.    

·         Clean any dirt, oils and lotions from area.    

·         Avoid stretching the ends of the tape.    

·         Edges and corners may be trimmed if they lift.    

·         After applying, firmly rub the tape to activate the adhesive.

·         Do not rip it off.

·         Gently remove tape from skin.

·         Apply baby oil, soap, or hair conditioner at least 5 minutes before removing the tape to help soften the adhesive.

·         Getting the tape wet and/or removing it in the shower can be helpful as well.    

·         Peel one end of the tape so your fingers can grip a corner.

·         Lift in the direction of hair growth.

·         Keep the skin tight while removing tape.    

·         Alternatively, roll the long side of the tape with the palm of the hand across the long edge of the tape.

Consult your doctor before you order any medical supplies online including kinesiology tape.

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