The MediHoney Paste Dressing Review

The MediHoney paste dressing for wound care is a leading medical product for managing wounds and burns.


·         Natural.

·         Medical-grade honey.

·         Made with active leptospermum honey.

·         Beneficial throughout all phases of wound healing.

·         Promotes the removal of necrotic tissue.

·         Advances a wound toward healing.

·         High osmolarity.

·         Provides a moist environment conducive to wound healing

·         Helps with autolytic debridement by promoting an outflow of wound fluid helping to soften and liquefy necrotic tissue.

·         Helps lower pH levels within the within the wound environment, which has been demonstrated to have wound healing benefits.

·         Helps soften and liquefy necrotic material, while the body’s own enzymes further break down the necrotic tissue pH modulation.


This paste dressing for wound care possesses many traits that make it the medical honey of choice for your wound management needs. For example, Active Leptospermum has been proven to improve wound healing in large scale randomized controlled studies; it can be used from the beginning of a wound all the way to healing, making it more convenient than other dressings; and it has been used on wounds in adults and children of all ages. Additionally, regular use MediHoney on diabetic foot ulcers has not been shown to alter glucose levels during routine monitoring. As a customer testimonial says on the product’s developer’s website, “MediHoney has been a life-saver. I have uncontrollable diabetes and have experienced many painful, non-healing wounds on my feet which at times have required me to be in a wheel chair. From the very first time my doctor used MediHoney, it made a difference. My wounds cleaned up and got better. This product is one of the reasons I am mobile and back on my feet again.”


The change in pH that this dressing for wound care provokes may cause the user to experience a stinging feeling when applying it. This sensation may last for several minutes or longer. If this is the case, tell your doctor about it.


MediHoney is standardized and sterilized by gamma irradiation to ensure the removal of Clostridium botulinum spores – do not use honey available on stores for cooking and eating on wounds. Change the dressing as often as indicated by your physician. Do not use on 3rd degree burns; if you are sensitive to honey, algae, or seaweed; or to control heavy bleeding. This dressing for wound care may change color when removed due to it drawing fluid and dead tissue away from the wound and into itself. Moreover, a ‘film’ may appear on the wound, and the wound may look larger than it previously did. In the former case, this is a thin coating of honey which may remind on and around the wound and which can be easily removed with saline or other wound cleanser; in the latter case, this is a normal result of the removal of dead tissue, but talk to your doctor if the wound seems to keep growing larger with each subsequent change.

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