Meet the Back-Huggar Lumbar Cushion

lumbar cushionBack pain and Chronic fatigue are conditions that affect millions of people all over the world. Those of us who work in an office with several hours sitting down at our desk are the most at risk of developing them. These annoying conditions can truly affect your productivity and have a real negative impact to the quality of life. Bodyline’s Back-Huggar Lumbar Support Cushion, can not only help you take care of your back but also help you regain all that lost energy that was being lost. Here is our exclusive hands-on review of this very popular item.

Product Features.

The Back-Huggar Lumbar Support Cushion promotes healthy posture and ensures proper support. Relieves low back disc pressure, reducing pain and fatigue. It features a unique 2-plane shape supports laterally and vertically. Beveled in the back for bucket seats and curved-back chairs. One piece of molded polyurethane foam, for use with any chair or automobile seat. It is hand-sewn, with a luxurious zippered cover. It actually improves posture while sitting, while providing a relaxing comfort at work, home or while driving.

What we liked about this item.

The anatomical design of the Back-Huggar cushion provides great support but also great comfort. It is very evident that the manufacturers really aimed for this cushion to provide much needed relief for patients with back pain and fatigue. Unlike other similar cushions on the market, the Back-Huggar cushion does support laterally and vertically, but it does so in a way that the user feels relaxed and they might not realize that their posture is being improved while they are the most comfortable. It works on virtually all office chairs, and their design not only relaxes it revitalizes the user. Having a bad posture can lead to having less energy and fatigue, but with the help from the Back-Huggar Lumbar Support Cushion. It will definitely make you feel more energized and thus help you improve your productivity.  

Additional Comments

The Standard version of the Back-Huggar measures 13” x 14” x 4.5”, it might not fit all backs, that is why Bodyline has made available an extra wide version for people with a wider back. It features the same features as the standard version. Please be advised, should you have further questions on this product, please feel free to contact our customer support line.

Is It worth a purchase?

Indeed it is! Bodyline’s Back-Huggar re ally does provide the support it promises to give, but it goes beyond that simply that. It is a cushion that not only helps treat and live with chronic fatigue and pain, but it helps prevent them. You back will thank you for it.

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