Mini Nebulizer Compressor Disposable & Reusable Neb Kit

  It may be National Asthma Week now, but asthma never takes a holiday and neither does the Mini Nebulizer Compressor w/ Disposable Neb Kit & Reusable Neb Kit. This nebulizer and compressor is intended to treat asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions by way of an air stream delivered through a tube that converts medicine into a spray mist that the patient can easily inhaled.


·         Powerful Piston Pump.

·         Smooth, quiet treatments.

·         Built-In carrying handle

·         Convenient nebulizer holder

·         Latex Free

·         For single patient use only.

·         Power: AC 120V 60Hz.

·         Power Consumption: 1.5A.

·         Medication Capacity: 5 ml Particle Size: 0.5 - 10 µm MMAD: 4 µm.

·         Sound Level: Less than 60 dB at 1 meter.

·         Average Nebulization Rate: ≥ 0.18 ml/min.

·         Compressor Pressure Range: 17.4 - 29 Psi (0.12 - 0.20 Mpa).

·         Operating Pressure Range: 7.25 - 10 Psi (0.05 - 10.07 Mpa).

·         Liter Flow Range: 4.5 ~ 7.0 Lpm.

·         Operating Temperature Range: 50°F - 104°F (10°C - 40°C).

·         Operating Humidity Range: 10 - 95 % RH.

·         Storage Temperature Range: -13°F - 158°F (-25°C - 70°C).

·         Storage Humidity Range: 10 - 95 % RH.

·         Includes Instruction Booklet Air Tube Mouthpiece Filters.


This product has the advantage of being compact and portable, ensuring that the administration of asthma medication can take place anywhere. When used and cared for properly, the Mini Nebulizer Compressor can effectively, reliably and successfully provide years of respiratory therapy. 


This device must be used under the supervision of a physician or a respiratory therapist. While this may seem like a disadvantage to some, it is merely a precaution in order to ensure safe usage.


·         Keep away from water.

·         Do not immerse in liquid.

·         Never use if there are damaged parts.

·         Keep away from flammable gas, and oxygen and aerosol spray products.

·         Disconnect before cleaning, filling, and after using.

·         Do not let the unit run unattended.

·         Never block the air openings of the main unit or put it where air openings may become obstructed.

·         Do not store under direct sunlight, high temperature, or humidity.

·         Read manual thoroughly.

·         Follow your doctor’s advice.

Cleaning the Mini Nebulizer Compressor w/ Disposable Neb Kit & Reusable Neb Kit

Rinsing after each treatment

·         Disconnect air tube, nebulizer, and mouthpiece.

·         Twist nebulizer gently to open it.

·         Rinse nebulizer and mouthpiece with hot water.

·         Dry with a clean, soft towel or air dry.

·         Put the nebulizer back together when fully dry.


·         Use one part white vinegar with three parts distilled water.

·         Make sure mixed solution is enough to submerge the nebulizer, mouthpiece.

·         Complete Rinsing Steps 1 - 3.

·         Wash the nebulizer, mouthpiece in warm water and a mild detergent.

·         Then wash them in hot tap water.

·         Submerge these parts in the vinegar and water solution for 30 minutes.

·         Complete Rinsing Steps 3 - 5.


·         Wipe with a damp cloth every day.

·         Do not use powdered cleaners or soap pads.


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