Mobility medical supplies online: Tri Seat Cane

 Mobility medical supplies online sometimes are more than meets the eye. Have you ever been out strolling around with your cane when all of a sudden you feel tired, but there is no place to rest your buttocks on? And you look at your walking stick and think, “nope, I’m not that tired.” Well now there is the Tri Seat Cane which you can actually sit on without having to smoke a cigarette afterward while you ask, “was it as good for you as it was for me?” Wait a minute. A cane that turns into a seat? That sort of transition used to only be seen in The Transformers, where one robot could turn into a pistol that another robot of the same size could easily wield in its hand, or some other robot turned into an ambulance capable of carrying several of its fellow robots. But this is no science fiction – though Transformers isn’t science fiction for that matter either.


·         Light weight aluminum.

·         Durable.    

·         Folds into a walking stick.    

·         Overall weight: 2 lbs.    

·         Weight capacity: 250lbs.    

·         Walking height: 34-38 inches.    

·         Sitting height: 18-21 inches.    

·         Replacement rubber tip.    

·         Seat dimensions: 8 X 10 inches.

·         Designed for straddle seating only.

·         Requires legs to all be at the same height for proper use.

·         Converts from Cane to Seat Lightweight.

·         Fully Adjustable.


This product is as portable as all canes are meant to be – after all, you have to have to be able to take it with you anywhere you go, otherwise it would self-defeat its intended purpose. In addition to that, this walking stick converts into a seat in a matter of seconds.


The only possible downside we can think about this type of mobility supplies online is the envious looks you will get from the people who only have regular canes – and even from people who do not require canes but wish they did so that they could get the Tri Seat Cane.


The cane with seat is designed exclusively for straddling seating. The user should sit down slowly, centering the weight directly over the seat. It requires all legs to be at the same height for proper use. Do not rock back and forth. Do not stand on seat. Do not sit cane on gravel, or on any other uneven surface.

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