The New Frontier: The InTENSity 2nd Gen TENS unit

FrontierInnovation is key if you want to stay ahead of the curve, and the InTENSity 2nd Gen 12 Unit is doing just that. This new and improved TENS unit is a revamped version of the InTENSity unit that we all have come to know and love, but is this really an improvement? Is it all hype? Is it worth a purchase? How does it measure against the most powerful tens units?We here at Discount Medical Supplies have taken this unit an put it to the test to answer all these questions with this detailed hands-on review.

Product Features

The new 2nd Generation InTENSity family is the first full-line of portable, combination electrotherapy to have preset programs by body part, and customizable programs in one device. In addition they have the most innovative, up-to-date programs and waveforms available to provide easy to use, non-invasive pain relief. With their rechargeable lithium ion battery, the 2nd Generation InTENSity devices are perfect for at home or on-the-go therapy. It has a high tech design with a large LCD Display, 12 preset and 6 customized program options available per waveform. Each device includes: One pack of InTENSity electrodes (4/pk), pair of lead wires, lithium ion battery, wall & USB charger, device, manual and quick start guide.

What we like about this product

The very first thing that we must point out is that this brand new version of the InTENSity units does feel like a new unit. It has a great looking design and the device not only does it takes what we liked about its predecessor, but it improves it and takes it a step further. This device was made to make the experience of using it even better, the unit is very easy to use and the device itself really does provide a great soothing sensation for acute and chronic pain. In comparison to other pain management TENS units, the inTENSity brand really does make a valid stake to being considered among the very best units available in the market. It is innovative in so many different ways. Besides providing a ion lithium battery, this unit also employs a charger that can work also as a wall charger or directly on your computer as a USB charger, making it very versatile. 

Is it worth a purchase

Absolutely, regardless if you are a brand new user of electrotherapy units for pain management or if you are a seasoned user, this device really does make the improvements that its predecessor needed and it goes further to provide real and useful innovations to its new design. We wholeheartedly recommend this item.

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