The NMES 9500 Digital EMS Unit: The Undisputed EMS Champ?

NMES 9500With Electric Muscle Stimulation gaining more and more popularity among the general public, some units have gathered more notoriety than others. There are many popular units in the market, but there is one in particular that has been standing on top as a popular alternative among customer from Discount Medical Supplies. The NMES 9500 Digital EMS Unit is considered by many as the best option when it comes to Electric Muscle Stimulation. Here is our exclusive hands-on review on this particular item.

Product Features

The NMES 9500 is a digital EMS device that allows the user to select 5 programs and 3 stimulation modes. The current amplitude level and settings are shown in the LCD display, and can be locked to avoid accidental touch. Wide range of contraction time, relaxation time, ramp time, pulse rate, pulse width and a timer of 1-60 minutes and continue are available. Intensity is increased by 1mA each step. This product is indicated for muscle enhancement or muscle pain therapy, as well as an incontinence stimulator.

What we liked about this product

The best thing that can be said about the NMES 9500 is how effective and reliable it is, which in reality speaks in volumes on the great quality of this unit. After one use of this Stimulator one does understand the reason why it is so popular and why physical therapists recommend this unit to their patients. Regardless if its being used for muscle pain therapy or muscle enhancement, you it truly provides a deep sensation that feels deep and powerful. This unit is easy to use and it has a user friendly design that will help anyone be able to operate it without much complication. Its lead wires and electrodes are great, and are able to fully transmit the stimulation impulses thouroughly.

Additional Comments

Even though that this device is simple to use, and regardless of the purpose you have for using this unit, we recommend that you ask your physician on the proper use of this unit, also we strongly recommend that you follow the instructions included with this unit very closely so you have a good and safe experience.

Is it worth a purchase?

In short, yes it is. The NMES 9500, is popular among physical therapists and patients for a reason. It is effective, reliable and dependable. It is perhaps one of the most effective units available and could be very well be the best EMS unit on the market today.

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