Not falling for it! : The KeepSafe® Fall Prevention System Review

While caregiving for a loved one with special needs, it is important to take precautions to the many risk factors that they might experience on every day activities, fall prevention is one of those precautions that are crucial for their safety. Falling is one of the leading causes of injury and even death in health care facilities and home, but these unfortunate events not only must they be prevented, there are devices that can be applied in professional facilities and at home. The KeepSafe Fall monitor (and their sensors) is one of those devices and, dare we say, perhaps the leading prevention against falls.  Today we present you with our very own review of this system.

Product Features.

In this particular review we are browsing two items separate items that work together to prevent falls. First, the Posey KeepSafe Fall Prevention Alarm is designed to alert the caregiver when a patient/resident attempts to exit from a wheelchair, Geri-chair, or bed. The alarm sounds when weight is removed from the sensor. However, this device is not a substitute for good nursing care and regular visual monitoring, and may not be suitable for some “high fall risk” patients. This alarm connects to a weight sensor pad that can detect when a patient or care receiver leaves their chair or bed, emitting an alarm to notify the caregiver. It can be used on beds and wheelchairs.

What we like about this product

In terms of helping prevent falls, what we like most about this item is how simplistic it is. It is not one bit more complicated that it needs to be. That way not only will it provide caregivers with some peace of mind; it truly helps and provides the necessary warning in situations of risk. Also, it is versatile as it can be easily be used on beds and wheelchairs. The Alarm comes with a control unit, a saddle bracket, a sound dampening plug and a 9-volt battery. It provides five alarm tones and it lets you adjust the volume. The Sensor pad has adapters for the majority of facility nurse call systems available and they have a life span of around six months, making them considerably durable.

Additional Information

It should be noted that having a Posey KeepSafe Fall Prevention Alarm system is truly helpful, but in no way is this to be a substitute to attentive and responsible caregiving. This is an additional tool of prevention to allow caregivers to have more controlled care.

Is it worth a purchase?

Yes it is, the KeepSafe Fall Prevention system is a great addition and tool when providing care for people with special needs. It works great both at home and on a professional setting. It is a great safety tool, and it will bring priceless peace of mind o the caregiver.

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