Nothing beats a good shower: The Carex Handheld Showerhead

For people of limited mobility and special needs, bathing can be a hard task to accomplish, that’s why getting a handheld showerhead is a definitive must. Now most regular showers do not have the hand held capabilities to accommodate a person with such special needs, so installing a new one can be a hassle and pricey, the alternative is the Carex Handheld Showerhead, which offers better range for a very low cost. It is a great answer to those who are in need of making some sudden bath modifications to better accommodate a loved one with a disability. Here is our exclusive hands-on review.

Product features

  • This extra-long nylon reinforced hose allows the user to bathe while sitting on a bath bench in the shower or tub.
  • Diverter valve: choose between using the existing showerhead or the hand-held shower spray.
  • On/off valve: provides easy control of water flow.

Having the capability to control the showerhead provides the user with the capability of being able to bathe properly on their own and/or provide a caregiver with a far easier task of bathing the patient in question. It is easy to install and use.

What we like about this item

Perhaps the key fact to note of the Carex Handheld Showerhead is that is easy to operate and it can allow the user to be able to use it on their own, regardless of their special needs. Its hose allows for the handheld showerhead to have a good reach and help give out a good and clean bath. The diverter valve is simple and controls the water flow with great ease as well. It is made of plastic making it lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Other annotations

In our experience and in feedback provided by customers who have purchased this item is that when installing it on other showers, the plastic hose needs to be properly secure when it connects to the shower head, this can be tricky considering some the designs that some top shower heads tend to have. In our experience, we had to deal with some water leaking on the hose, after some adjusting we were able to fix the issue.

Is it worth a purchase?

By our estimation, it is a good addition to your shower. It is lightweight, it provides great reach and it definitely is cost effective, compared to remodeling your bathroom. It does have its hiccups but they are mostly due to external factors. We recommend that before buying The Carex Handheld Showerhead, you examine the shower you will be installing it to and check if it will allow for it to be properly installed.

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