Online medical store living aids: Adjustable Height Bath Stool

The Adjustable Height Bath Stool is one of our online medical store’s living aids for bathroom safety. It is available in blue, teal, and white because, who says medical supplies have to be drab?


·         Aluminum frame is lightweight, durable and corrosion proof.

·         Impact resistant.

·         Composite seat is crack-proof.

·         Tarnish-resistant.

·         Leg support collar reduces rattle.

·         Stable.

·         Portable.

·         Ideal for travel.

·         Matches any bathroom style.


This stool is plenty sturdy enough to hold individuals up to 300 lbs nicely. The leg tips have nice large grey rubber non-slip tips.  The stool was easy to put together and it is easy to adjust the height.  It doesn't have a hospital look to it. It is very stable in the tub and users feel secure using it. The height adjustment is great and it is very comfortable and allows for experimentation in comfort and safety. It costs much more to purchase at local stores than what you pay on Discount Medical Supplies online medical store. Using this stool gives you the confidence to again shower. It fits perfectly in a small bathtub. It stays in place and feels safe. It is also lightweight and easy to move in and out of the tub. It is more stable than any 3 legged bath stool though. When the stool is no longer needed, it can be stored in less space too. The price is great too.


The stool can slide on a flat surface and if you're in the tub taking a shower and you have one of those tubs that have quite the slope to make it drain quickly, well, you do have to watch that you don't let it slide. Some users have also complained that the assembly instructions in the box mention metal washers and plastic washers, but there were no plastic washers in the bag of hardware.


·         Remove the contents from the box.

·         Place the seat upside down on a flat surface so holes are showing.

·         Align leg section A (the one that has the concave area on the underside) with the holes in the seat.

·         Place and tighten the two handscrews in the outer holes, making sure to put on a metal washer.

·         Do not affix the middle handscrew.

·         Align leg section B (the one that has the con cave area on the top side) with the holes in the seat.

·         Place and tighten the two outer holes using the handscrews and washers.

·         Place the middle handscrew and tighten through the two legs.

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