Online medical store presents Dr Kennedy’s Neck Deck

kennedyDiscount Medical Supplies online medical store presents Dr Kennedy’s Neck Deck, a device that offers gentle and comfortable extension traction in both clinic and home settings.


  • Effective design.
  • Helps relieve neck pain.
  • Helps relieve upper body tension.
  • Ideal for chronic pain from scoliosis, spondylosis, cervical radiculopathy, osteoarthritis or herniated disc
  • Inflatable neck roll can increase extension levels.
  • Forehead tension can be added for greater levels of therapeutic effect.
  • Contoured foam base.
  • Polyurethane foam.


The Neck Deck puts the user in a perfect position for traction therapy with important anterior translation of the torso and posterior translation of the skull – the latter of which cannot be achieved by other units that require the user to lie on the floor or another flat surface. This product is also recommended for extension therapy beginners, as it allows them to ease into treatment. Users start by lying on the contoured foam base for a few minutes every day. Patients tend to become more comfortable approximately after a week, after which they can add short inflation sessions with the neck roll – and ultimately add the forehead strap with greater inflation force to prolong duration. This item is so professionally made that an Amazon reviewer actually wrote that “this is very similar to the device my chiropractor used in his office. This is good for people who have a neck forward posture and need it bent back to restore the c curve in the neck. It's quite comfortable and easy to use. After my neck was corrected, I've been using it once in a while when my neck is just very tired--this is a great way to relax it too.” But forget Amazon; you can get it at this here online medical store.


Local discomfort – though not pain – is to be expected. Other than that, the only downside about this product is that Dr Jay Kennedy does apparently exist. This is kind of a letdown because we wanted to think of him as the Colonel Sanders of online medical stores.


Regarding the local discomfort issue mentioned in the preceding paragraph, it is recommendable to start extension therapy with a few in-office, professionally supervised sessions in order to build tolerance for use at home. Speaking of which, during home use this unit can be used upright in a backed chair. Once a few days have elapsed, users can start to implement the inflatable roll as well as the forehead strap to increase extension. The strap is placed over the forehead and pulled tight to create mild pressure from the device and a defined skull extension.


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