Online medical supply: Pin Style Pull Cord Alarm

alarmpullstyleThe Drive Medical Pin Style Pull Cord Alarm is the online medical supply that will signal caregivers/nurses/home health aides that a patient has moved from a bed or chair and is likely to wander away. When the person gets up, the pin is pulled from the unit by an activation cord clipped to the person’s clothes.


  • Activation cord is adjustable from 18" to 33"
  • Easily attaches to a bed or chair with a self-contained clip.    
  • Deactivate with On/Off switch.    
  • Cost-efficient way to alert staff that a patient has moved.    
  • Requires 1 9V Battery (included).     
  • Two volume settings: 85 dB and 100 dB.    
  • When the user gets up, the pin connector pulls from the alarm unit activating the signal.


Users of this online medical supply who have posted comments on Amazon say that it is “good value for the price. Works as described (very well),” and that it “came in really handy while my loved one was bed-ridden. Will continue to use it as a safety device when out and about.”  


On the other hand, a third user said that the “the product sounds so low you can hardly hear it in the same room as the patient or person using it.” Perhaps this person has, unbeknownst to her, hearing problems? Or simply failed to notice that this online medical supply has two (2) volume settings. Sadly, we probably will never know.


  • Insert one 9-volt battery into the battery compartment of the alarm.
  • To open battery compartment slide cover open.
  • Turn the unit on with the switch located on the side of the alarm.
  • Test the device by pulling the pin to activate the alarm.
  • Set switch to Low or Hi position, depending on the necessary volume.
  • Fix alarm to bed or chair with the plastic clip on the back of the alarm.
  • When using the clip on wheelchair back, position to left or right to prevent contact with the resident.
  • Clip the end of the cloth cord to a piece of clothing; preferably one that the resident is not likely to remove.
  • Clip should be out of the resident’s reach if possible.
  • If the resident leaves chair or bed, the activation pin pulls from the alarm and the alarm sounds continuously.
  • To deactivate the alarm, turn the switch to OFF or reinsert the activation pin located at the end of the cloth cord.
  • Once resident has returned to his or her chair or bed, turn the alarm on and retest.


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