Order medical supplies online: Bath Bench with Back and Arms

The Bath Bench with Back and Arms is what you want when you order medical supplies online for people who need a little extra safety when bathing or showering.


·         Tool-free height adjustment and back, leg, and arm removal.

·         Comfortable seat fits all shapes and sizes.

·         Lightweight design with large stable legs and soft non-slip feet.

·         Strong, durable and dependable.


This shower bench assembles very easily, then comes apart just as easily. When disassembled, the product takes up less room than the box in which it comes when you order medical supplies online. Height adjustments are simple. When sitting on the bench you feel very secure without the ‘wobble’ characteristic of many other benches. Good Quality, easy to put together, sturdy. This is a fantastic heavy chair that is sturdy, easy to put together and has no metal to rust on it. Nothing on it needs nuts or bolts to fall apart later on. It provides back support, and the handles provide additional stability for getting into and out of the shower. Great chair. It fits a narrow shower. It was extremely easy to assemble as well as to adjust the legs to the desired height. The chair itself is all plastic so there's no worry of corrosion. The arms have rubber grips so hands don't slip off when it's used in the shower. The legs have rubber tips which help stability and prevent slipping. This product is well designed and made.


The only down side involves inserting the legs. The legs insert by screwing counter-clockwise, the opposite of clockwise like most other U.S. threaded parts. 



1.       Place seat upside down on a flat surface. Insert leg into the corner recess of the seat and rotate counter-clockwise until tight. Repeat for all 4 legs.

2.       For model with arms place chair upright and insert the arms into the holes in the side of the seat until the arm is fully engaged.

3.       For models with a back place the back in the slot located in the rear of the seat, and insert the back until engaged.


1.       The back has a lock tab that, when depressed, allows the back to be pulled out of their slots freely.

2.       To remove arms, pinch together the tabs on the arm which, when assembled, will be under the seat.

3.       Turn the legs clockwise until removed from bench.


1.       Do not clean with an abrasive cleaner.

2.       Use a non- abrasive cleaner with warm water.

3.       Periodically check all components for damage or looseness.


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