Oxygen medical supplies online: EverFlo Concentrator

As far as respiratory medical supplies online go, the EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect oxygen concentrator for you and your patients. Cost-effective and dependable oxygen concentrators can reduce the cost of providing oxygen therapy.


·         Lightweight.

·         Compact.

·         Quiet.

·         Easy to store, transport, and deliver.

·         Low maintenance.

·         Recessed flow meter.

·         Durable metal cannula.

·         Humidifier bottle platform.

·         Input voltage: 120 VAC +/- 10%

·         Input frequency: 60 hz.

·         Average power consumption: 350 watts.

·         Oxygen concentration (at 5 lpm): 93% (+/- 3%).

·         Liter flow: 0.5 to 5 liters per minute.

·         Weight: 31 lbs (14 kg).

·         Sound level: 45 dBA typical.

·         Required maintenance: Compressor intake filter: change every 2 years

·         OPI (oxygen percentage indicator) alarm levels: Low oxygen: 82%, very low oxygen: 70%

·         Operating temperature: 55°F to 90°F (12°C to 32°C).

·         Storage/transport humidity: -30°F to 160°F (-34°C to 71°C) up to 95% relative humidity

·         Operating humidity: Up to 95% relative humidity

·         Outlet pressure: 5.5 PSI

·         Operating altitude: 0 to 7,500' (0 to 2,286 m).


Your patients will enjoy the compact, non-medical design of the EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator because it will not disrupt their home environment. The device is designed to be small, light, easy to transport and will fit nicely into the trunk of a car. It features an easy-to-mount humidifier bottle connection and no patient filter. The greatest benefit about this type of medical supplies online, however, is that unlike the majority of oxygen concentrators – which are heavy and bulky and require constant maintenance – the EverFlo is a one-of-a-kind stationary concentrator that provides oxygen therapy at lower costs and with ease of use.


The only possible downside to this product that comes to mind is the fact that device operation above or outside of the specified voltage, LPM, temperature, humidity and/or altitude values may reduce oxygen concentration levels.


We recommend doctors to recommend the EverFlo to their patients. This oxygen concentrator has the potential of lowering the cost of delivering oxygen therapy by eliminating recurring delivery costs and cylinder hassles, reducing maintenance costs, easing inventory management, and minimizing patient calls. This unit is the best friend your oxygen therapy patients will ever have, as it uses less power and produces less heat, in addition to being one of the quietest mainstream oxygen concentrators currently available.

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