Padded Seat Transfer Bench at Discount Medical Supplies Online

Discount Medical Supplies online offers you this Padded Seat Transfer Bench in order to make it easier for you to transfer someone – or be transferred yourself – to and from the shower or bathtub.


·         Aluminum frame is lightweight, sturdy and corrosion-resistant.

·         Back reverses without tools.

·         Cushioned seat and backrest.

·         Extra large suction cups.

·         Height adjusts in 1/2" increments.

·         Unique "Dual Column" extension legs.

·         New "A" frame construction.

·         Comfortable.

·         Versatile.


The suction cups are big. The seat and back are very well padded. The legs are very sturdy. Easy to assemble, feels sturdy and solid, comfortable padding, good suction to the tub.  Thoughtfully designed, structurally secure and very well made. Great quality and price at Discount Medical Supplies online. This is an excellent and inexpensive shower chair. The padding is not thick but it's not extremely thin either. The vinyl covering is thin but seems to be well affixed. The seam edges are rough but not sharp. The suction cups and rubber leg tips are well made and grip very well. The side handle bar can be placed on either side of the chair. 


Some users find the legs are too short on the non-tub side. Also the feet may develop mold under the rubber if the user is not careful.


·         Remove contents from package.

·         Lay the transfer bench upside down on a flat surface.

·         Attach the leg with large suction cup by depressing the brass push pin and inserting into the receptacle.

·         Repeat for the second leg.

·         These legs are inserted into the same side that the arm support will be.

·         Attach the leg with small rubber tip by depressing brass push pin and inserting into the receptacle.

·         Repeat for the second leg.

·         Turn the transfer bench right-side-up.

·         Attach the armrest by depressing brass push pins and sliding into the arm receptacle on the side of the bench.

·         Make sure arm arcs outward, not inward.

·         To assemble backrest, insert the pole into the backrest support by depressing push pin and sliding into receptacle.

·         Repeat for the second pole.

·         Insert the backrest into the base by depressing push pins and sliding supports through both receptacles.

·         The backrest must go through both sets of receptacles to become secure.

·         The back support is reversible to accommodate left or right tub entry.

·         Place the legs with suction cups into the bath tub.

·         Pull Tab on the suction cup to release from the tub.

·         Adjust the legs to the need of the user.

·         The transfer Bench is best used when the bench is level.

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