The People’s Champ: RockTape! A Review

Rocktape A ReviewSlowly but surely, Kinesiology tapes are becoming more and more prominent and as a direct result, several manufacturers have launched their version of the same product, al promising to one-up the competition. By filling the market with a vast variety of product the customer has the advantage of many different options to choose from, but it is very easy to lose sight of what is the best choice. One of these options in particular deserves your attention, and that is RockTape. Slowly but surely this brand of Kinesiology tape is making a name for itself for their innovative twist on an already revolutionary approach to physical therapy. Today we present you with our review of the H2O Black Logo Kinesiology Tape For Athletes.

Product Features

The manufacturers claim it to be the world’s best kinesiology tape. And their claims are based that this tape is a natural-hybrid that is pure nylon and cotton, without the use of any drugs or medication to help people treat their injuries. It is hypoallergenic and latex-free. It has a much larger stretch range that allows for a tougher and better application for athletes and non-athletes. Can be used under the demand of high-level performance and severe environments.

What we like about it

It is amazing how RockTape is able to stretch so much and how it really secures and lifts the skin. While other kinesiology tapes provide a good feeling, during activity, RockTape you feel a tight and secure when using it. It is definitely strong, so much so that it is almost intimidating. Using it while running to treat shin splints, it really helps sooth the discomfort and allows for a better performance. It helps promote blood flow to help recovery and healing. It is easy to apply, however it should be noted that it is important that before you use this or any other type of Kinesio tape that you consult with an specialist so you know how to properly apply it.

Is it worth a purchase?

Absolutely! RockTape really takes the many benefits of using kinesiology tape and take it a step further. It is not to be considered as this extreme tape for only top-level athletes, non-sport related injuries can also benefit from the use of RockTape. It is perfectly safe and it is a magnificent aid for all sorts of people. Once you try it you will immediately know why many regard it as the best around. We encourage you to test it and to ask your physical therapist about it!

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