Picture me Rollin’: Reviewing the Viverity Deluxe Aluminum Rollator

rollatorPicking the best rollator can be tricky; there are many different options available in the market. But what makes Roscoe Medical’s Viverity Deluxe Height Adjustable Aluminum Rollators be so popular among our customers? Well, in this hands-on review we have taken one of these items and took it for a spin… literally! Here are our own impressions, and the answer to the important question: Is it worth a purchase?

Product Features

The Viverity Deluxe features Ergonomic handles with loop-style brakes are adjustable in one-inch increments. Height adjustment on frame allows seat height to be adjusted in 1-inch increments from 18” to 22”. Another attractive feature is the seamless padded flip-up seat with zipper pouch for storage. This rollator comes with a removable padded curved backrest is equipped with a hinge so it can flip up for easy storage. Also, it has 6-inch non-marring black wheels with soft grip tires. Furthermore, this rollator folds up easily for easy transport and storage.

What we like about it

First impressions are very important, and we can confirm that this rollator has a great looking design. But not only that, it does serves it purpose wonderfully. Granted it is a “simple” device, but that does mean that it is bad thing, quite the contrary! It is very easy and simple to use. People with limited mobility will truly like this rollator because not only will it make moving easier, it really takes not time for someone to be accustomed to using it. It is completely safe and the brakes work perfectly. It has a light built but it is quite durable and has a capacity of 300 pounds. And finally, this rollator can go with you anywhere, it easily folds for easy storage and transportation.

Additional Comments

It should be pointed out that if you or a loved one in need of some mobility assistance for your everyday life, it is highly recommended that you first consult with your physician to have the proper guidance of the type of mobility aid that you might need. Where it is a simple cane or a wheelchair or a rollator, it is important that you have the proper guidance of the best item for you.

Is it worth a purchase?

If you are on the market of getting a Rollator walker, the Viverity Deluxe must be among your top choices, its design, frame and performance makes it stand out from the rest. It has anything you might want from an item of this kind: it is dependable, durable and great looking!

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